Honor Roll of Donors

The power of collective giving is essential for the ongoing and future success of UNC School of Law. We — faculty, students and staff — are grateful for the support of alumni and friends. This Honor Roll of Donors draft includes gifts received from July 1, 2016, through May 15, 2017, and does not include pledges or deferred gifts. The final Honor Roll of Donors, which will be published in the fall of 2017, will include all gifts received as of June 30, 2017.

To add your name to the list of supporters, make your annual gift by June 30. Your gift will help continue to make possible the incredible opportunities for students and faculty in the year to come.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing, omissions or errors are possible and for this we express our sincere regret. If changes are necessary or for assistance with your philanthropy at Carolina Law, please contact Jamie Frampton, assistant director of annual giving by email at jframpton@unc.edu or by phone at (919) 445-0184.

Click the title of the giving level below to expand and view your name.

1845 Society ($25,000 and higher)

Ms. Elizabeth Jean Bower and Mr. Jerome Chrishawn Washington
Prof. Laura N. Gasaway
Ms. Adrienne Warren Northington
Mr. John Peter O'Hale and Ms. Claudia Ward O'Hale
Dr. Donald Barnard Russ and Ms. Martha McMurray-Russ
Mr. David Perry Russ III and Ms. Linda P. Russ
Ms. Phyllis Phelps Ward

Van Hecke Wettach Society ($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. Jeffrey Alan Allred and Ms. Jennifer Levy Allred
Mr. Gardner Howard Altman Jr.
Mr. E. William Bates II and Ms. Andrea Hunnicutt Bates
Prof. John Charles Boger and Ms. Jennifer Brackenbury Boger
Dean Martin H. Brinkley and Ms. Carol Scovil Brinkley
Ms. Tracy Schaefer Calder and Mr. Joseph M. Calder
Mr. A. Britt Canady
Mr. Michael G. Carter and Ms. Nancy E. Slovik
Mr. Charles E. Elrod Jr.
Mr. Frank Edward Emory Jr. and Ms. Lisa Lewis Emory
Mr. Kenneth Vincent Farino and Ms. Kim S. Farino
Mr. Richard Lee Farley and Ms. Cynthia Ryan Farley
Mr. Walter D. Fisher Jr. and Ms. Michele S. Fisher
Mr. N. Jay Gould and Mrs. Luetta Gould
Amb. C. Boyden Gray
Hon. K. Edward Greene and Mrs. Joan Powell Greene
Mrs. Emmett Boney Haywood and Dr. Hubert Benbury Haywood III
Ms. Patricia O. Hedrick
Ms. Sandra Leigh Johnson
Mr. William Dean Johnson and Dr. Sally Cunningham Johnson
Mr. James Yancey Kerr II and Ms. Frances King Kerr
Mr. David Fulghum Kirby and Ms. Evelyn Debnam Kirby
Mr. Alan Bruce Kronovet and Ms. Cary J. Bernstein
Mr. Stephen E. Lewis and Ms. Mary Ellen Huckabee
Mr. Harry Dickson Madonna
Mr. Richard Layne Magee and Ms. Saundra Hoffner Magee
Mr. J. David Mayberry and Ms. Julie Timmons Mayberry
Mr. Robert Weller McCarthy and Ms. Robin G. McCarthy
Mr. Dan Johnson McLamb and Ms. Barbara Brandon Weyher
Mr. David Theodore Modi and Ms. Sophia Modi
Ms. Karen A. Popp and Ms. M.C. Ragsdale
Mr. Gustavus Adolphus Puryear IV and Ms. Jennifer Herndon Puryear
Mr. James Dietrich Renger
Ms. Teresa Wynn Roseborough and Mr. Joseph Anthony Roseborough
Mr. William Dennie Spry Jr. and Ms. Penelope Orr Spry
Mr. David Alan Spuria and Ms. Deanna Louise Spuria
Mr. John Adam Stoker
Mr. Scott Padgett Vaughn and Ms. LouAnn Compere Vaughn

Aycock Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

Ms. Candice Wooten Brown and Mr. Ivey Lee Brown Jr.
Ms. Barbara Ragland Christy
Ms. Mary Boney Denison and Mr. John Robert Clark III
Mr. Robert Leon Edwards and Mrs. Kathryn Oakes Edwards
Mr. Stephen G. Hartzell
Ms. Janet P. Hendricks
Mrs. Edward G. Johnson
Mr. Eric Alan Koontz
Mr. Christopher Allen Kreiner and Ms. Virginia Michelle Garris
Mr. Robert Gibbon McIntosh and Ms. Ann Burriss McIntosh
Rep. D.C. "Mike" McIntyre II and Ms. Dee McIntyre
Ms. Margaret Louise Milroy
Mr. Raymond Eugene Owens Jr. and Ms. Sara Wyche Higgins
Mr. James Stockton Perry and Dr. Joan Templeton Perry
Mr. Richard A. Simpson
Mr. Richard Haynes Strader
Ms. Angela Marie Xenakis

Dean's Club ($2,000 - $4,999)

Mr. Michael Robert Abel and Mrs. Clare Ruch Abel
Mr. John H. Anderson and Dr. Jennifer B. Anderson
Mrs. Katherine Blass Asaro and Mr. Andrew Vito Asaro
Mr. Edwin Osborne Ayscue Jr. and Ms. Emily Urquhart Ayscue
Ms. Ellen Starr Bailey
Ms. Evelyn Rebecca Ballard and Mr. John R. Means
Mr. Yoel H. Balter and Mrs. Jane McNeill Balter
Ms. H. Juanita Mitchell Beecher
Mr. Frank Mebane Bell Jr. and Ms. Ranlet Shelden Bell
Mr. J. Melvin Bowen
Mr. Richard T. Boyette and Ms. Beth R. Fleishman
Prof. Lissa Lamkin Broome and Mr. Adam H. Broome
Mrs. LeAnn Nease Brown and Mr. Charles Gordon Brown
Ms. May Martin Bryan and Mr. Cotton Paul Bryan
Mr. David Monadi Chilman and Mrs. Holly Michelle Chilman
Mr. J. Michael Cornett
Mr. Orville Dillard Coward Jr. and Ms. Carolyn Lloyd Coward
Ms. Ann Cox
Mr. Fred Alan Cunningham
Mrs. Atinuke Diver and Mr. Joshua Michael Diver
Mr. William Kinsland Edwards and Ms. Patricia Birdsong Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Elmore Jr.
Mr. James Graham Farris Jr.
Ms. Jami Jackson Farris
Mr. Ray Simpson Farris Jr. and Ms. Cydne Wright Farris
Mr. Edward Smoot Finley Jr. and Ms. Virginia Doughton Finley
Mr. James Wright Galbraith
Mr. H. Haiko Geratz and Ms. Susan Hendricks Geratz
Prof. Elizabeth Gibson and Prof. Robert Paul Mosteller
Mr. Robert William Glatz
Mr. Gus T. Godwin II
Mr. Jack N. Goodman
Mr. Jeffrey Eugene Gray and Ms. Vicki Gray
Mr. George Verner Hanna III and Ms. Deborah Henson Hanna
Mr. Dan McCord Hartzog and Ms. Patricia T. Hartzog
Mrs. Alison Bunch Hershewe and Mr. Ed Hershewe
Mr. Michael Hollenbach and Ms. Jil Langford Hollenbach
Mr. C. Mark Holt and Ms. Joanna W. Holt
Mr. Bruce Wayne Huggins Sr. and Ms. Jayne Brisson Huggins
Mr. Grady Isaac Ingle and Mrs. Kathe L. Ingle
Ms. Amy Kathryn Johnson
Mr. Ken Christian Joseph
Mr. H. Martin Lancaster and Ms. Alice Matheny Lancaster
Mr. Stephen Frederick Lapham
Mr. Henry Clyde Lomax and Ms. Anne-Tristram Holt Lomax
Mr. Gary Mitchell London
Ms. Maria M. Lynch and Mr. Jerome Rex Eatman Jr.
Mr. Craig Taylor Lynch and Ms. Mitzi Cline Lynch
Hon. Charles K. McCotter Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Byrum McCotter
Mr. Peter James McGrath Jr. and Ms. Merrie Dorman McGrath
Mr. R. Malloy McKeithen
Mr. Joe McLeod and Ms. Allene Lowe McLeod
Mr. John Burchfield McMillan and Ms. Angelyn Stokes McMillan
Mr. Robert Hayes McNeill Jr.
Mr. Gary Michael Miller
Mr. David McDaniel Moore II
Hon. Margaret Hackett Murphy
Mr. F. Timothy Nicholls
Ms. Miriam McIntire Nisbet
Ms. Mona Cunningham O'Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. H. Patrick Oglesby
Mr. Thomas Lawrence Owsley and Ms. Leslie Vial Owsley
Hon. Sarah Elizabeth Parker
Mr. E. Fitzgerald Parnell III and Ms. Brenda Foremon Parnell
Ms. Sallie Boyle Phillips
Ms. Elizabeth Leight Quick
Ms. Alice Carmichael Richey
Mr. Stephen William Riddell and Ms. Karen Stahel Riddell
Mr. Dean Arden Riddle
Mr. Edgar Mayo Roach Jr. and Ms. Deborah Day Roach
Mr. Larry Edward Robbins and Ms. Debbie Robbins
Mr. Thomas Warren Ross Sr. and Mrs. Susan Donaldson Ross
Mr. J. Darrell Shealy and Ms. Robin Elliott Shealy
Mr. Raleigh Alexander Shoemaker and Mrs. Kathryn Law Shoemaker
Mr. W. Britton Smith Jr. and Ms. Gwendolyn C. Smith
Mr. C. Thomas Steele Jr. and Ms. Kimberly Hindman Steele
Ms. Robin Jayne Stinson
Mr. Garrett Allen Stone and Ms. Michele Bomont
Mr. Thomas Sadler Stukes and Ms. Martha Taylor Stukes
Mr. George Randolph Uzzell Jr.
Mr. Edwin Jasper Walker Jr. and Ms. Carol Ann Smith Walker
Mr. Thomas Harry Weidemeyer
Ms. Christine Josine Wichers
Mr. Richard McKenzie Wiggins
Mr. John Thornton Wilson
Ms. Debbie Kay Wright
Mr. Michael MacKager York
Mr. Robert Ellis Zaytoun and Ms. Lisabeth Gwynn Svendsgaard

Battle Society ($1,000 - $1,999)

Hon. G. Wayne Abernathy
Ms. Michelle Grace Adams
Mrs. Holly Harris Alderman and Mr. Neil Goodwin Alderman
Mr. Evan Appel and Mrs. Kellie Raiford Appel
Mr. E. Kent Auberry
Mr. William Joseph Austin Jr. and Mrs. Gail R. Austin
Mr. Oliver K. Bagwell Jr.
Hon. F. Gordon Battle
Mr. Jackson C. Bebber
Mr. C. Vance Beck and Ms. Emily Revelle Beck
Mr. Asa Lee Bell Jr. and Mrs. Angela Ross Bell
Mr. Kevin P. Belote and Ms. Rachel F. Gage
Dr. S. Gregory Boyd
Mr. George Thomas Brady III and Ms. Tonya Yarbrough Brady
Mr. William Clarence Brewer Jr. and Mrs. Anne Evans Brewer
Mr. F. Bryan Brice Jr. and Ms. Carson Holding Brice
Mr. John Decker Bristow and Ms. Margaret Duncan Bristow
Mr. M. Guy Brooks III and Ms. Ann Bowers Brooks
Prof. Kenneth S. Broun and Ms. Marjorie Broun
Mr. Christopher G. Browning Jr. and Ms. Margaret Milliken Browning
Hon. Frank William Bullock Jr. and Ms. Frances Haywood Bullock
Ms. Mary Gill Campbell
Ms. Lisa Ross Carstarphen
Mr. Jean Celestin Jr. and Mrs. Jenine M. Celestin
Mr. Locke Turner Clifford and Ms. Lynda Brown Clifford
Ms. Louise M. Clifford
Ms. Katherine Meyers Cohen
Ms. Sally Boyette Cone
Mr. Edward Grant Connette III and Hon. Jane Harper
Gov. Roy Asberry Cooper III and Ms. Kristin Bernhardt Cooper
Mrs. Barbara Bitler Coughlin and Dr. Paul William F Coughlin
Mr. Marion A. Cowell Jr. and Mrs. Norma Hearne Cowell
Mr. David Philip Culp
Dr. Robert Scott Dailey
Mr. Fred Blount Davenport Jr.
Mr. Garber Alfred Davidson Jr. and Ms. Sally Bushong Davidson
Mr. Edward B. Davis
Mr. Samuel F. Davis Jr.
Mr. Svend Hewitt Deal
Mr. James Marvin Deal Jr. and Ms. Shelia Tucker Deal
Mr. Tyler Bartlett Dempsey
Mr. Christopher Wade Derrick
Mr. Robert Lyman Dewey and Ms. Jean Harris Dewey
Mr. Daniel and Kay Donahue
Ms. Ann Terrell Dorsett
Mr. Howard J. Duff and Ms. Amy Duff
Mr. William T. Dymond Jr. and Ms. Jennifer Davis Dymond
Mr. Joe Wesley Earnhardt
Mr. Joseph Watkins Eason
Mr. Todd Hammond Eveson and Ms. Erin Dancy Eveson
Ms. Katherine Johnson Farley
Mrs. Kandace Davis Farrar and Mr. Dante Lavarr Farrar
Mr. Edgar Beauregarde Fisher III and Ms. Louisa Crampton Fisher
Mr. Joel Lawrence Fleishman
Mr. Benjamin Hugh Flowe Jr.
Mr. Jacob M. Gerber
Ms. Lisa Jeffrey Gilliland
Mr. Michael Hannibal Godwin and Ms. Nancy Snipes Godwin
Mr. Charles Moran Goetz Jr. and Ms. Valerie McLanahan Goetz
Mr. Jay Michael Goffman and Mrs. Susan Mary Goffman
Ms. Deirdre Gordon
Mr. William Edgar Graham Jr.
Mr. James Nolan Greene III and Ms. Sarah Greene
Ms. Frances Hunt Hall
Ms. Louise W. Harris
Mr. Richard Banner Hart and Ms. Jean Shinn Hart
Mr. Jerry and Liz Hartzell
Mr. Paul G. Haskell and Ms. Sarah E. Haskell
Ms. Lee Broadfoot Hathaway and Mr. Fred William Hathaway
Mr. John Donald Hawkins and Ms. Sherron Hawkins
Mr. Wilson Hayman and Mrs. Jennie Jarrell Hayman
Mr. J. Richard Hazlett and Ms. Barbara R. Hazlett
Mr. Ward Hendon Jr. and Mrs. Clara Moore Hendon
Mr. Richard Charles Henn Jr. and Ms. Anne Treadwell Henn
Ms. Lilo Alfreida Hester and Mr. James Royster
Ms. Deborah Lowder Hildebran-Bachofen
Ms. Harriett Jean Holt
Mr. Troy Clifton Homesley Jr. and Ms. Jacquie Braverman Homesley
Mr. David Wallace Hood and Ms. Sandra Hollifield Hood
Mr. Robert Carl Hord Jr.
Mr. Justin and Dr. Margaret Howard
Mr. Scott Austin Hudson
Mr. Ronald Forrest Hunt
Hon. James Baxter Hunt Jr. and Ms. Carolyn Leonard Hunt
Hon. Robert Carl Hunter and Ms. Nancy Hinson Hunter
Ms. Mary Crawford Hunting and Mr. Stephen Roy Hunting
Mr. John Robert Ingle and Ms. Annette Morrell Ingle
Mr. H. Bryan Ives III and Ms. Gibbs Chadwick Ives
Mr. Gordon Womble Jenkins
Ms. Patricia Cramer Jenkins
Mr. Daniel Louis Johnson Jr. and Ms. Suzanne Houck Johnson
Dr. Stuart Hicks Johnson
Mr. James Egan Kaiser and Mrs. Nancy Kaiser
Mr. Joseph John Kalo IV
Mr. M. Keith Kapp and Ms. Chancy McLean Kapp
Mr. René A. Kathawala
Mr. Leon Marcus Killian III and Dr. Donna Elaine Mack
Mr. Thomas Chen Kilpatrick and Ms. Samantha Boone Kilpatrick
Mr. David Ray Kinman
Prof. P. Anne Klinefelter and Mr. Michael Alan Dorman
Mr. S. Luke Largess and Ms. Elizabeth Legare Leland
Mr. Stephen Fredericks Later
Mr. Haynes Pell Lea and Ms. Elizabeth Craig Lea
Mr. Steven Harris Levenherz
Mr. William Henry Lewis Jr. and Ms. Peyton Cockrill Lewis
Mr. George Lester Little Jr. and Ms. Susan Pollard Little
Mr. John Michael Mackay and Ms. Kelly Jones Mackay
Mr. Robert Nelson Maitland II
Mr. Scott Andrew Maitland
Mr. Barry Dean Mann and Ms. Ashlie Downum Mann
Mr. Jan Allen Marks
Mr. Franklin Edwin Martin
Mr. John Weatherly Mason and Ms. Mary Walston Mason
Mr. Randall Davis McClanahan
Ms. Jeanette G. McCullough
Mr. John Knox McGill and Ms. Elizabeth Sitton McGill
Ms. Laura Daniel McKenna and Mr. Matthew McKenna
Hon. Rickye McKoy-Mitchell and Mr. Rick Mitchell
Mr. Luke Anthony Meisner and Ms. Toolsi Gowin Meisner
Mr. Daniel Adam Merlin and Ms. Mary Holman Merlin
Mr. Roy H. Michaux Jr. and Ms. Beverly Bunn Michaux
Mr. Graham S. Miller and Mrs. Patterson Miller
Ms. Ellen G. Miller
Ms. Anna Snoderly Mills and Mr. William Amrose Mills III
Mrs. Alice Neece Mine and Mr. Mark Mine
Mr. John Klauminzer Molen and Ms. Susan Blair Molen
Mr. C. Eugene Murphy Jr. and Ms. Letty Hicks Murphy
Ms. Joy Upshaw Murphy
Prof. Richard Ernest Myers
Mr. Michael Nedzbala
Prof. Gene R. Nichol Jr. and Prof. Glenn George
Ms. Lara Simmons Nichols
Mr. William P. Norrell
Ms. Emily M. Notini
Mr. W. Gary Ogburn
Mr. A. Summey Orr III
Ms. Leslie Calkins Packer
Mr. William George Pappas and Ms. Debra P. Pappas
Mr. Henry Newton Patterson Jr. and Mrs. Jane Smith Patterson
Mr. Carl Norris Patterson Jr. and Ms. Janet Cleaver Patterson
Mr. Kenneth Martin Perry and Dr. Tonya Blanks Perry
Mr. Kirby Todd Phillips and Ms. Harriett Bullock Phillips
Mr. Charles Roberts Phillips and Ms. Diane C. Phillips
Mrs. Kelly Podger Smith and Mr. Timothy Whitney Smith
Mr. Evan Harris Pontz
Mr. J. William Porter and Ms. Susan G. Porter
Prof. Beth Sheba Posner and Dr. Jonathan M. Hess
Mr. Lee James Potter Jr. and Ms. T. Paige Betz
Mr. William Francis Potts Jr. and Ms. Woods Garland Potts
Ms. Sabrina Presnell-Rockoff and Mr. Isaac Benjamin Rockoff
Mr. Henry Hamilton Ralston and Ms. Sherrill Ralston
Ms. Donna Rhea Rascoe
Mr. Charles E. Reece and Dr. Laura Helms Reece
Mr. Thomas Edward Reilly and Ms. Deirdre Benel Reilly
Mr. Brian Dudley Roark
Mr. Spencer C. Robinson
Mr. S. Graham Robinson and Ms. Martha Cranford Robinson
Mr. Richard Jephthah Rose and Ms. Elizabeth Cooper Rose
Mr. Julius Addison Rousseau III and Ms. Sharon Campbell Rousseau
Ms. Cathy Marie Rudisill
Ms. Jo Anne Sanford and Mr. William Earl Brewer Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Drew Sasser and Hon. Debra Smith Sasser
Mr. James Simpson Schenck IV and Dr. Anna Pittman Schenck
Mr. Peter Wayne Schneider and Ms. Barbara Johnson Schneider
Mr. William Guin Scoggin and Ms. Gail Coates Scoggin
Ms. Elizabeth Davenport Scott and Mr. Robert Adderson Scott
Mr. Steven Howard Sholk
Mr. John Mayer Silverstein and Mrs. Leslie Loeb Silverstein
Mr. Daniel Robert Simon
Mr. Dana Edward Simpson and Ms. Stephanie Mansur Simpson
Mr. Jeffrey Thomas Skinner and Mrs. Elizabeth Naisang Skinner
Mr. John Reeves Sloan and Ms. Louise Folger Sloan
Ms. Linda K. Smith
Mr. James Byron Snow III
Mr. Saul Allen Solomon and Ms. Joan Dunn Solomon
Mr. David Robert Spanjer
Mr. Richard Yates Stevens and Mrs. Jere Gilmore Stevens
Mr. M. Gray Styers Jr. and Ms. Barbara Modelski Styers
Mr. Robert E. Thackston
Mr. Bruce Vernon Thomas and Ms. Julia H. Harris
Hon. Patricia Timmons-Goodson and Dr. Ernest Jerome Goodson
Mr. Emin Toro and Ms. Katie Toro
Mr. Paul David Trinkoff and Ms. Alison Miller Trinkoff
Mr. Brian Patrick Troutman and Ms. Elizabeth Troutman
Mr. Ed Turlington and Ms. Marla P. Turlington
Ms. Carol Jean Turner
Mr. Richard Lawrence Vanore Sr. and Ms. Sylvia Wallace Vanore
Mr. Thomas Monroe Ward
Mr. David Tutherly Watters and Ms. Charlotte Fischer Watters
Mr. H. Michael Weaver and Ms. Katherine Stern Weaver
Mr. William Young Webb
Mr. James Patrick West and Ms. Janet Blair West
Hon. Willis Padgett Whichard and Mrs. Leona Paschal Whichard
Mr. Martin L. White and Dr. Heather Robertson White
Mr. Jay McCullam Wilkerson and Ms. Katherine Britt Wilkerson
Mr. Thad Floyd Woody
Mr. Kenneth Ray Wooten
Mr. J. Richard Worrell Jr. and Ms. Alanna Jones Worrell

Partners Level ($500 - $999)

Mr. F. Eugene Allison
Mr. Thomas Wesley Anderson and Ms. M. Ann Anderson
Mr. Alan Aron Andrews and Ms. Lynne Fuller-Andrews
Ms. A. Carter Arey
Mr. Philip Augustine Baddour Jr. and Ms. Margaret Boothe Baddour
Ms. Edith Maria Baxter
Ms. Dawn Gantt Benson
Ms. Charlotte Gail Blake
Mr. John Harbin Boddie
Ms. Rebecca Jane Bosley
Mr. Bernard N. Botchway
Mr. Matthew C. Bouchard
Mr. J. Mac Boxley and Ms. Mary Roper Boxley
Ms. Kellye Waycaster Bradshaw and Dr. W. Alan Bradshaw
Mr. Edward Brett Breitschwerdt
Ms. Louise Maultsby Bristol
Mr. C. Robin Britt Jr. and Ms. Sharron Belk Britt
Mr. H. Chalk Broughton Jr.
Mr. Norman Deane Brunson
Mr. David James Burge
Ms. Susan Elizabeth Campbell
Mr. John Hemstreet Carmichael and Mrs. Kelley R. Carmichael
Mr. David Reid Chambers
Ms. Jacqueline K. Chang
Ms. Alexis Cannon Chappell
Ms. Anne Chen Choe
Mr. Anthony Charles Ciriaco and Ms. Martha Hammonds Ciriaco
Mr. John Craig Cloninger and Ms. LaNita Carter Cloninger
Ms. Beth Michelle Coleman and Mr. John K. O'Shea
Mr. Harold Donald Colston
Mr. William Rhodes Corbett
Mr. Gregory Byrd Crampton and Mrs. Martha Usry Crampton
Ms. Marjorie E. Daniel
Mr. Eugene Francis Dauchert Jr. and Ms. Katherine Powe Dauchert
Ms. Leslee Karen Daugherty and Mr. Roger Gilmartin
Mr. James Wade Davis Jr.
Ms. Madeline Combs Davis
Mr. Robert Allen Dawkins
Mr. Douglas John Debaugh
Ms. Lindsey Laine Deere
Mr. Kevin Louis Denny and Ms. Hannah Lourinda Sharpe
Mr. Chad Ray Donnahoo
Mr. Michal Dowell
Ms. Tosha Denise Downey
Mr. Matthew S. Duchesne and Mrs. Audrey Leonie Duchesne
Ms. Arnita Maria Dula
Mr. H. Jack Edwards and Ms. Betsy Burnette Edwards
Mr. Benjamin Rushing Edwards and Ms. Alicia Marzullo Edwards
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Foster and Mr. Stuart F. Foster
Mr. P. Douglas Freedle
Mr. Joseph Nicholas Froehlich
Mr. W. Erwin Fuller Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Scott Fuller
Mr. Brian R. Gamsey
Ms. Patricia Lewandowski Gillen
Mr. David Alan Gitlin
Ms. Nicole L. Gomez Diaz
Mr. Timothy James Goodson and Ms. Ellinor Coder Goodson
Mr. John Charles Greenhaugh
Ms. Beth Connor Guest and Mr. David Michael Guest
Mr. Alex John Hagan and Ms. Kim Hostetter Hagan
Ms. Debbie Weston Harden and Mr. Mark Michael Harden
Mr. S. Frank Harrell Jr.
Mr. R. Woody Harrison Jr. and Ms. Nancy Rogers Harrison
Hon. A. Robinson Hassell and Mrs. Eloise Hassell
Ms. Anna Ragland Hayes
Ms. Margaret Campbell Haynes
Mr. R. Harper Heckman and Ms. Kimberly Kitchen Heckman
Mr. W. Daniel Hicks Jr. and Mrs. Debra Powers Hicks
Mr. J. Donald Hobart Jr. and Ms. Kay Miller Hobart
Mr. Dexter Cummings Hobbs Jr. and Ms. Laura Stocksdale Hobbs
Mr. John Wallace Holton and Ms. Sarah Brady Holton
Mr. Troy Clifton Homesley III
Mr. James Wade Hovis and Ms. Rebecca Scarboro Hovis
Mr. Staples Stilwell Hughes and Ms. Thomasin Elizabeth Hughes
Ms. Odessa Palmer Jackson
Mr. Arlie Jacobs
Mr. Tommy Willis Jarrett
Mr. D. Michael Jones and Ms. Tammy Jones
Mr. Joseph Dock Joyner Jr.
Prof. Joseph J. Kalo
Ms. Monica Kivel Kalo
Mr. Michael Everett Kelly
Mr. Byron Barnes Kirkland and Ms. Virginia Linville Kirkland
Mr. James Leland Kiser and Ms. Elizabeth O'Neil Kiser
Mr. Richard Charles Komson
Mr. Mark David Kotwick
Mr. Robert Richard Laidlaw
Mr. Timothy Power Lehan and Dr. Leigh Steele Lehan
Ms. Ling Ling
Mr. George Guernsey Lockhart and Ms. Judy Lockhart
Mr. Stephen Melvin Lore
Mr. Carlos Enrique Mahoney and Ms. Jennifer Evans Mahoney
Mr. Edward Adger Marshall and Ms. Hadley Peer Marshall
Mr. Merrill McCall Mason and Ms. Cynthia Chandler Mason
Mr. George Harman Masterson and Ms. Marie DuPre Masterson
Ms. Sarah Bycott McCormack and Mr. Kevin A. McCormack
Mr. Kent John McCready and Ms. Christine R. McCready
Mr. Christopher Daniel McEachran and Ms. Jamey Redding McEachran
Mr. John Aycock McLendon Jr.
Mr. Brian Duncan Meacham and Ms. Sarah Brown Meacham
Mr. Craig C. Messinger and Mrs. Debra L. Messinger
Mr. W. Carleton and Lisa S. Metcalf
Ms. Therese Ann Michaels and Mr. William Boyle
Mr. Eric William Mills
Mr. Frederick Dean Mitchell and Ms. Lynndolyn T. Mitchell
Mr. Steven Montague Mitchell
Mr. Louis Angelo Monti and Ms. Karen Jacobs Monti
Mr. John Garland Mulford
Ms. Eileen C. Murphy
Mr. Cecil Kyle Musgrove and Ms. Tammy Carol Winn Musgrove
Hon. Jimmy Laird Myers
Dr. Charles Barnet Nemeroff and Ms. Gayle Applegate Nemeroff
Mr. Stifel Nicolaus
Hon. Jeffrey E. Noecker and Mrs. Lisa Carter Noecker
Mr. Scott Fredrik Norberg
Mr. Thomas C. Nord
Mr. John Arlington Northen
Mr. Christopher Michael Northrop
Mr. John William Ormand III
Mr. Frank Caldwell Patton III
Mr. Seldon Elijah Patty
Mr. Hunter Andrew Payne and Ms. Mary Thornton Payne
Mr. C. Jones Perry Jr.
Ms. Sonya Pfeiffer
Mr. Sean Michael Phelan and Ms. Patricia Fentress Phelan
Mr. Matthew Lawrence Pirnot and Dr. Dani Rachele Smith
Ms. Caroline McDevitt Poma
Ms. Joyce Laurene Pope
Mr. Robert Francis Price and Ms. Suzanne Hall Price
Ms. Diane DePietropaolo Price
Mrs. Gisele Lunsford Rankin and Mr. Lawson Allen Rankin Jr.
Mr. Stephen Anthony Riddick
Mr. John M. Rosenberg and Ms. Jean V. Rosenberg
Mr. Samuel Reid Russell III and Mrs. Laura Russell
Mr. John Spotswood Russell and Ms. Kelley D. Russell
Mr. Richard Joel Sandulli and Ms. Betsey P. Sandulli
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Scharff
Mr. Richard Knight Schell
Ms. Kerry Anne Shad
Mr. Charles Milton Shaffer Jr. and Mrs. Harriet Houston Shaffer
Hon. Scott L. Silliman
Mr. Kevin Lamar Sink and Ms. Susan S. Sink
Ms. Mary Davis McLendon Smart and Mr. Roy Smart III
Mr. James Franklin Smith and Ms. Jean McIntyre Smith
Mr. David Davis Smyth III and Ms. Julie Jayoung Song
Ms. Holly Howell Snow and Mr. Benjamin Snow
Mr. Lee Anthony Spinks
Mr. Joseph Henry Stallings
Mr. Michael J. States
Mr. Adam Michael Steadman
Mr. Paul Arnold Steffens and Ms. Julia Steffens
Mr. Michael Alan Stick and Ms. Debra J. Braselton
Mr. Kyle Richard Still
Mr. Geoffrey Patrick Suddreth and Ms. Heather Lovelace Suddreth
Mr. Thomas Richard Suher and Mrs. Eileen Anne Armenante
Mr. Adam Patrick Tarleton
Mr. William Thaddeus Terrell
Ms. Isabelle Paine Thacker and Dr. Strom Cronan Thacker
Ms. Kelly Susan Thomas
Mr. Sanford Webb Thompson IV and Ms. Cynthia Clyburn Thompson
Hon. Douglas Oscar Tice Jr.
Ms. Anne Magee Tompkins
Hon. Louis Alfred Trosch Jr. and Mrs. Catherine Jeffers Trosch
Mr. John Paul Tsahakis and Ms. Stephanie Kokenes Tsahakis
Mr. Joseph Spoor Turner III
Ms. Stacey Ames Vandiford
Mr. David William Venable and Ms. Jennifer Bolick Venable
Mr. Eric Albert Vernon
Mr. Richard Allen Vinroot and Ms. Judith Allen Vinroot
Mr. Henry Casimir Walentowicz and Mrs. Karina Walentowicz
Mr. Sidney Rogers Warner Jr. and Ms. Joy Lynn Kennedy Warner
Ms. Alice Jane Washington
Mr. Reich Lee Welborn and Ms. Martha Huffstetler Welborn
Mr. Hill Beverley Wellford Jr. and Ms. Alice S. Wellford
Ms. Kathleen Mary Wells
Mr. Daniel Ivan Werfel
Mr. Richard G. Wheelahan III
Mr. George Graves Whitaker and Mrs. Beezie A. Whitaker
Mr. Charles R. L. White
Mr. Bradford Alan Williams and Dr. Christina Nelson Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Poppe Williams
Mr. W. Samuel Woodard and Ms. Judy Brown Woodard
Ms. Rosalind Jane Woolbright
Ms. Lijun Kathy Yang
Mr. Jared David Zajac and Ms. Elizabeth Daniel Zajac
Mr. William Huntley Zimmern and Ms. Angela Hardister Zimmern
Ms. Kimberly Easter Zirkle

Associates Level ($1 - $499)

Mr. Jack W. Abel
Mr. Clark Steven Abrams and Ms. Tara Abrams
Ms. Courtney M. Achee
Dr. Elena Marie Adamo and Ms. Jessica Diane Clark
Ms. Karen Jean Adams
Mr. A. Mark Adcock and Ms. Dorothy Adcock
Mr. Robert Spencer Adden Jr.
Ms. Leah Aden
Ms. Erin Briley Adler
Mr. Elias Wondirad Admassu
Mrs. Linda A. Adriance
Mrs. Linda A. Adriance
Mr. Shayan A. Ahmed
Ms. Lesley Wiseman Albritton
Ms. Meredith Jo Alcoke and Mr. Thomas R. Wilson
Mr. William Sidney Aldridge and Mrs. Diane Scobie Aldridge
Mr. G. Irvin Aldridge and Ms. Mary Honeycutt Aldridge
Mr. Henry Heath Alexander and Ms. Elizabeth Brown Alexander
Mr. Daniel M. Alfino
Mr. Duncan Earl Alford
Mr. Keith Wayne Allen
Mr. Derek Jason Allen
Mr. Patrick Martin Allen
Dr. Robert Trawick Allen III and Ms. Tracey C. Allen
Mr. Leo W. Alley and Ms. Allison Christine Harrison
Mr. Wade Hampton Alley Jr. and Ms. Patrice Wagner Alley
Mr. James Walter Allison and Ms. Judith N. Allison
Mr. Michael Allen Almond and Ms. Helen Fleming Almond
Mr. Melvyn Altman and Ms. Toby Altman
Mr. Adam Paul Altman and Dr. Laura Hines Lowder
Hon. James Floyd Ammons Jr. and Ms. Sandra Nasekos Ammons
Ms. Constance Apostolou Anastopoulo and Mr. Akim Anastopoulo
Mr. Benjamin H. Anderson
Mr. Charles Noel Anderson Jr.
Mr. Philip Scott Anderson
Mr. Mark Eldridge Anderson and Ms. Mary Eileen Flanagan Anderson
Prof. Ann M. Anderson and Dr. Deverick John Anderson
Mr. Eric Steven Anderson
Mr. James Andreacchio and Mrs. Deanna Andreacchio
Mr. Russell Jordan Andrew
Ms. Elizabeth Holt Andrews
Mr. James Bigelow Angell
Mr. Keith Peter Anthony and Dr. Kelly Kosobucki Anthony
Ms. Jorgelina Elcira Araneda and Mr. W. Randall Stroud
Mr. Charles Van Dyke Archie and Ms. Meredith Daughtridge Archie
Mr. Thomas Edward Archie and Mrs. Elizabeth Lucas Archie
Mr. Paul Anthony Arena
Ms. Laurin Clark Ariail
Mr. J. Mitchell Armbruster
Mr. Heyward Dubose Armstrong
Mr. Matthew Robert Arnold and Ms. Erin Hale Arnold
Ms. Mamie Deaton Arnold
Mr. Robert Joseph Arundell
Mr. Owen Boyd Asplundh and Ms. Amy Keffler Asplundh
Mr. Andrew Perry Atkins
Mr. Keith Frederick Atkinson and Ms. Tracey Vacca Atkinson
Mr. Thomas Edward Austin Jr.
Ms. Stephanie Hutchins Autry and Mr. George Bailey Autry
Mr. Frank Bayard Aycock III and Ms. Helen Phillips Aycock
Mr. C. Ronald Aycock and Ms. Susan Gretz Aycock
Ms. Tiana Gibson Ayotte and Mr. Matthew Philip Ayotte
Mr. Christopher A. Babadjanian
Mr. Henry Curtis Babb
Ms. Agustina Bacce
Mr. Richard Allen Baddour Jr.
Mr. David Wesley Bailey Jr.
Mr. Alton Deems Bain
Ms. Marilyn Ann Bair and Dr. Kenneth Bair
Mr. Nicholas John Bakatsias
Mr. Anthony Vincent Baker
Ms. Heather Cohen Baker
Mr. Ronald Graham Baker
Ms. Carly G. Baker
Mr. Paul Baldasare Jr. and Ms. Jane R. Wettach
Ms. Laurie Grace Ballenger
Mr. Matthew David Ballew and Ms. Jennifer Brewer Ballew
Hon. Vicki Ballou-Watts
Ms. Holly Sanders Bannerman
Ms. Ann Howard Banzet
Mr. Julius Edmond Banzet III
Ms. Samantha Hayes Barber
Mr. Frederick Stewart Barbour and Ms. Susan Strayhorn Barbour
Mr. Amos Whitney Barclay
Ms. Amy Elizabeth Barefoot
Mr. Dan Taylor Barker Jr. and Ms. Eliza Knox Barker
Mr. James Albert Barnes IV
Mr. William Thomas Barnett Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Barwick Barnett
Mr. W. Doak Barnhardt and Ms. Patty Rives Barnhardt
Mr. Roy James Baroff and Ms. Caroline Elizabeth McLaughlin
Mr. John Christopher Barrier
Mr. Brent David Barringer and Hon. Tamara Patterson Barringer
Mr. Fitz Edward Barringer and Ms. Mary Katherine Rodgers Barringer
Ms. Patricia Tighe Bartis
Ms. Nancy Ruth Lunsford Bartlett
Mr. Anthony James Barwick and Ms. Amber Lueken Barwick
Ms. June Lynn Basden
Mr. Merlin Bass III
Mr. John Edwin Bassett IV and Ms. Kathryn Grace Killman
Mr. James Russell Batchelor Jr.
Dr. Randal L. Batenhorst
Mr. Kenneth R. Baumgartner
Mr. Douglas Wooley Baxley and Ms. Dianne O'Quinn Baxley
Mr. Robert Gene Baynes
Mr. Neil Douglas Beach and Ms. Jo Townsend Beach
Mr. Giles D. Beal
Mr. Rick E. Beam Jr.
Mr. Michael Seth Beam III
Ms. Rachel Esposito Beaulieu and Mr. Thomas W. Beaulieu
Mr. Michael Richard Becker
Mr. Jeffrey S. Beelaert
Mr. Victor Eros Bell III and Mrs. Mary Grady Koonce Bell
Mr. McNair Bell
Mr. Connor Moss Belson
Mr. Jay Robert Bender and Dr. Dominique A. Linchet
Mr. Robert Henry Bennink Jr.
Ms. Dorothy Benz
Mr. Thomas Shelburne Berkau
Mr. Jonathan Arthur Berkelhammer and Ms. Kathryn Breeze Berkelhammer
Ms. Jodi M. Berkowitz
Ms. Danielle E. Bernard
Mr. Richmond Gilbert Bernhardt Jr.
Ms. Robin Andrea Bernstein
Mr. Michael Louis Berry and Dr. Randi Strosberg Berry
Mr. Marvin Allen Bethune
Mr. Camden Charles Betz and Ms. Sara Bartholomees Betz
Ms. Katherine Young Biegler
Ms. Lauren E. Biek and Mr. Aaron Benjamin Biek
Mr. Eric Hamilton Biesecker and Ms. Stephanie Shoaf Biesecker
Mr. Gary William Bigelow and Ms. Donna R. Bigelow
Mr. Graham Ross Billings
Mr. Kevin John Bishop
Mr. Richard H. Bishop and Mrs. Claudia H. Bishop
Mr. Scott Daniel Bishop
Mr. W. Louis Bissette Jr. and Ms. Sara Oliver Bissette
Ms. Ashleigh Elizabeth Black and Mr. Peyton Randolph Black
Ms. Susan Ruppe Black
Ms. Avis Elizabeth Black
Ms. Hilary Schronce Blackwood
Mr. Daniel M. Blau and Ms. Eva B. DuBuisson
Mr. Louis Adams Bledsoe Jr. and Ms. Martha H. Bledsoe
Ms. Jessie Agatha Blekfeld-Sztraky
Mr. Brian M. Blood
Ms. Dixie R. Bloom
Mr. Thomas Daniel Blue Jr. and Ms. Teresa R. Blue
Col. Robert Joel Blum
Ms. Donna Kaye Blumberg and Mr. Jonathan A. Blumberg
Mr. David R. Boaz and Ms. Carrie V. McMillan
Mr. Robert B. Boehner
Mr. Dennis G. Bolin and Mrs. Leslie D. Bolin
Mr. William Turner Bonds
Hon. Richard Dale Boner and Ms. Margaret Robertson Boner
Ms. Aleta Marie Bonini
Mr. Donald Lee Boone and Ms. Lavon Boone
Mr. William Henry Borden and Ms. Ann Adams Borden
Ms. Jenna Carroll Borders
Mr. Dennis Edgar Boring and Ms. Holly Allison Boring
Mr. Conrad Karl Bortz
Ms. Pamela Brown Bosley
Ms. Stella Anne Boswell and Mr. Craig Stephen Heinly
Ms. Lauren Christine Bowen
Mr. Alexander Michael Bowling and Mrs. Nicole M. Anderson
Mr. R. Daniel Boyce and Ms. Elizabeth Boyce
Mr. William Glenn Boyd
Mr. George Worth Boylan and Mrs. Cynthia S. Boylan
Ms. Susan Holdsclaw Boyles and Dr. Michael Alexander Boyles
Mr. William Mark Boyum
Mr. Martin L. Brackett Jr.
Mr. Isaac John Bradley and Ms. Lucy Katherine Bradley
Ms. Lauren Hobson Bradley and Mr. Nicholas Christopher Bradley
Ms. Stacey Ann Brady and Mr. Michael Brady
Mr. William Randolph Brafford
Hon. Anthony Mason Brannon and Ms. Joan Goren Brannon
Mr. James T. Branson
Mr. Daniel Lee Brawley and Ms. Ann Holcombe Brawley
Mr. Marcelius L. Braxton
Ms. Doris Roach Bray
Mr. Bradley Joseph Breece
Mr. Edward Yates Brewer
Hon. Coy Estres Brewer Jr.
Mr. J. Clark Brewer and Ms. Sara H. Brewer
Ms. Elizabeth Sanders Brewington
Mr. Eugene C. Bricklemyer Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Walter Bridges
Ms. Ashley Morrison Briefel
Ms. Nachael Lynn Bright
Mr. Eric Joseph Brignac
Mr. Thomas Pittman Brim
Ms. Jill Starling Britt
Ms. Leah Michelle Broker and Mr. David Ben Greenspan
Prof. Alfred Brophy
Mr. Marta Patrilous Brown
Mr. Darrell Keith Brown and Mrs. Julie Hunter Brown
Mr. James Gorman Brown
Mr. Scott Newton Brown Jr.
Mr. J. Michael Brown
Ms. Alexis Brown
Mr. Andrew Michael Brown
Hon. Frank R. Brown and Ms. Jo Ann Baker Brown
Mr. Troy Anderson Brown Jr.
Mr. Aaron C. Brownell
Ms. Catherine Ellen Bruce
Ms. Melissa Dewey Brumback and Mr. Stephen Brumback
Mrs. Kara Marie Brunk
Prof. Patricia L. Bryan and Mr. Thomas Wolf
Ms. Ann A. Bryan
Mr. Kristan D. Bryant
Ms. Lawana Lee Bryant
Hon. Robert Ward Bryant Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Gale Bryant
Mr. Darryl D. Bryant
Mr. E. C. Bryson Jr. and Ms. Katharine Pickrell Bryson
Ms. Elizabeth C. Buckley
Mr. Bruce A. Buckley and Ms. Sarah A. Crowder
Ms. Claire Abernathy Buie and Mr. Craig Pennington Buie
Mr. Joel Simpson Bulkley
Mr. Madison Earl Bullard Jr. and Ms. Anne Jackson Bullard
Ms. Hailey Madison Bunce
Mr. William Winborne Bunch III
Mr. H. Ligon Bundy and Ms. Linda Edwards Bundy
Mr. E. Harry Bunting Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Cochrane Bunting
Ms. Dorothy Bass Burch
Ms. Kathleen Bradshaw Burchette and Mr. Carl Jeffress Burchette
Ms. Madeleine Scott Burgoyne
Mr. Robert A. Burgoyne
Ms. Michelle Burnick
Mr. Jonathan Rhett Burns
Hon. Ronald Wayne Burris and Ms. Lisa Burris
Mr. Robert K. Burrow
Mr. Vincent William Burskey
Mr. James Kenneth Butler
Ms. Erwin Byrd
Mr. Michael John Byrne
Ms. Michele Walton Cady and Mr. Darren Michael Cady
Mr. Mark Thomas Cain and Ms. Leigh Hobgood Cain
Mr. Michael S. Caines
Mr. Hugh Caison
Mrs. Lauren W. Caldwell and Mr. Kevin S. Caldwell
Mr. Robert Redmond Caliri
Ms. Hannah L. Camenzind
Mr. Christopher Zemp Campbell and Ms. Mary Katherine Walgate
Ms. Ashley Huffstetler Campbell and Mr. Russell Neil Campbell
Mr. William Barker Cannon
Mr. Bedford Cannon
Ms. Sarah Russell Cansler
Mr. Christopher Blair Capel
Mr. Donald Neil Capparella
Mr. Brendan Alexander Cappiello
Ms. Jennifer Gelb Carbee
Mr. Robert Winfield Carlton
Mr. Charles Francis Carpenter and Ms. Heidi Athanas Carpenter
Mr. Justin Tyler Carpenter and Ms. Samantha Reimer Carpenter
Mr. Eugene Morrison Carr III and Ms. Sallie Malmo Carr
Ms. Mary Van Ostenberg Carrigan
Ms. April Rose Carson
Ms. Crystal Boni Carswell
Mr. George W. Carter
Ms. Brenda Joyce Carter
Hon. Gary Stephen Cash
Ms. Pamela Brewington Cashwell and Mr. David Leon Cashwell
Ms. Elizabeth Wallace Casimiro and Mr. Jorge Gabriel Casimiro
Mr. Rodney Reed Cate
Hon. Samuel Allen Cathey
Hon. J. Gentry Caudill and Ms. Carol Caudill
Mr. B. Joseph Causey Jr.
Mr. Michael Andrew Cavanagh and Ms. Mary Vick Cavanagh
Mr. Galo V. Centenera
Mr. Lawrence Urban L Chandler Jr.
Mr. Edward T. Chaney and Ms. Amanda S. Hitchcock
Ms. Erica C. Chanin
Mr. Benjamin Low Chapman and Ms. Patricia Dixon Chapman
Mr. Edwin P. Chester and Ms. Barbara A. Vestal
Ms. Alexa Z. Chew
Mr. Kevin Lee Chignell and Ms. Jeannine Anne Chignell
Mr. Vincent Davis Childress Jr.
Ms. Kim Church
Mr. Charles Whitaker Clanton
Mr. David E. Clark
Hon. Giles Robertson Clark
Mr. James Harry Clarke and Ms. Eleanore Ewbank Clarke
Mr. William Clarke
Mr. Dumont Clarke IV and Ms. Shirley J. Linn
Mr. Vaughn Stephen Clauson
Ms. Katherine Justus Clayton
Mr. Patrick J. Cleary
Ms. Carla Hermida Clements
Ms. Joanna Carey Cleveland and Mr. John Samuel Cleveland
Mrs. Kathleen A. Cleys and Mr. Richard P. Cleys
Mr. Claude P. Close
Ms. Christin Brooke Coan
Mr. Laurence Arthur Cobb and Mrs. Edna Faye Pugh Cobb
Mr. George William Coggin and Ms. Carol Jones Coggin
Mr. Edward Bates Cole
Mr. Howard Dunwody Cole
Mr. Charles Thomas Colgan
Ms. Amanda Marie Colley
Dr. Bobby McManus Collins II
Mr. Vincent Paul Collura and Ms. Bunnie Collura
Mr. Daniel Lee Colston
Mrs. Hannah Smoot Combs and Mr. Trace Combs
Mr. Dwight Edward Compton and Ms. Catherine Copeland Compton
Mr. Clinton Lee Conner and Ms. Christine Jean Conner
Mr. Richard Horace Conner III and Ms. Taylor Laumann Conner
Ms. Jacqueline Kane Connors and Mr. Manning Austin Connors
Mrs. Constance A. Conrad and Mr. James J. Conrad Jr.
Hon. Richard Rodney Cooch
Mrs. Fairley Bell Cook
Mr. Jimmy Dean Cooley and Ms. Allene Fuller Cooley
Mr. Douglas Kenneth Cooper
Hon. James William Copeland Jr.
Mr. W. Andrew Copenhaver
Ms. Nancy Jane Coppola
Mr. Matthew Alan Cordell
Ms. Sarah Anne Core
Ms. Susan E. Cornell
Mr. Brad Williams Cornett and Ms. Wendy Love Cornett
Ms. Kimberly A. Costello and Mr. Lee Daniel Hamilton
Mr. Philip L. Cotey and Ms. Teresa M. Cotey
Mr. Ronald Guy Coulter and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston Coulter
Ms. Stephanie Carowan Courter
Ms. Emily Sarah Courtnage and Dr. Andrew Robert Dyke
Mr. Matthew Abraham Coury and Ms. Carolyn Elizabeth Waldrep
Mr. Alexander C. Covington
Mr. Alexander Ross Covington
Mr. William Riddick Cowper III and Mrs. Ann Cowper
Mr. David L. Cox
Ms. Patricia F. Cox and Mr. Leslie R. Cox
Ms. Kathleen Bernadette Coyle and Mr. Wade Alan Wall
Mr. John F. Coyle
Mrs. Elizabeth Faecher Crabill
Ms. Hillary Bridgers Crabtree and Mr. Gwen Rene Crabtree
Hon. John O'Neal Craig III and Ms. Kari Jean Craig
Mr. Robert Wayne Cramer Sr. and Ms. Ann Hollowell Cramer
Ms. Rebecca Elizabeth Crandall
Ms. Lauren C. Cranford
Mr. Paul L. Craven III and Ms. Amanda A. Hayes
Mr. C. Penry Craver Jr. and Mrs. Jane Kelly Craver
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Craver
Col. Joseph Powell Creekmore
Mr. Glenn Stevenson Crihfield
Mr. David Godwin Crockett
Mr. John McDonald Cross Jr. and Ms. Jennifer Van Zant Cross
Mr. Dale Allen Curriden and Ms. Kristen Elizabeth Curriden
Mr. Walter Lee Currie and Mrs. Carole Hart Currie
Mr. Thomas Lee Currin and Ms. Grey Tharrington Currin
Prof. Michael Kent Curtis
Ms. Kathleen Maura Cusack
Mr. Joseph Garner Dail Jr. and Ms. Martha E. MacReynolds
Ms. Bethaney Dale
Ms. Brooke Lauren Dalrymple
Mr. Evan Dancy
Ms. Judith Milsap Daniels and Mr. Jerry Lewis Daniels
Mr. Bradley John Daves and Ms. Julie Huggins Daves
Mr. Eric M. David
Ms. Beatrice Joan Davis and Ms. Nancy Charlene Astrike
Mr. Gilbert Thomas Davis Jr.
Ms. Laurel Anne Davis and Mr. Trevor Allen Blow
Ms. Leslie Hollowell Davis
Ms. Rebekah Wilson Davis
Hon. Chester Chidlow Davis
Ms. Demi Davis
Mr. James Lee Davis and Ms. Jean L. Davis
Ms. Chris Nicole Davis
Ms. Lisa Gates Davis and Mr. Silas Washington Davis Jr.
Ms. Hillary Dawe
Mr. Kenneth Coyner Day
Ms. Allison C. De Marco
Ms. Laura Erb Dean
Mr. Daniel Blue Dean and Mrs. Ellen Gaw Dean
Ms. Erika Lynnette Dean
Mr. Eldrin Lamar Deas
Mr. W. Edward Deaton and Ms. Ruth C. Deaton
Mr. Arthur James DeBaugh and Ms. Michele Cash DeBaugh
Mr. Arthur St Clair DeBerry and Ms. Mignon R. DeBerry
Mr. Benjamin C. DeCelle
Mr. Kevin W. Delaney
Mr. David Denney
Mr. Paul M. Dennis Jr.
Mr. Dailey Jonathan Derr and Ms. Bonnie Boyer Derr
Mr. John Christopher Derrick
Hon. M. Patricia DeVine
Ms. Catherine J. Devine
Mr. Cort W. DeVoe and Mrs. Christine L. DeVoe
Mr. Stephen J. Dew
Ms. Theresa Spawn Dew and Mr. Alford Benjamin Dew
Ms. Karen Barbra Dietrich and Dr. Keith S. Boniface
Mr. Thomas Green Dill Sr.
Mr. J. Scott Dillon and Ms. Camelyn Timberlake Dillon
Mr. John David Dillon
Ms. Joan S. Dinsmore
Col. Richard D. S. Dixon Jr. and Ms. Fran Dixon
Mr. Roy Glenn Dixon III
Mr. Thomas L. Dobner and Ms. Barbara Dobner
Ms. Allison Williams Dobson
Ms. Emily Caroline Doll
Ms. Jennifer Ann Dominguez
Ms. Kathleen Donohue
Mr. Patrick Gerald Dooher
Mr. Joseph Edward Dornfried
Ms. Laurie Edmondson Dorsainvil
Mr. Joseph Samuel Dowdy
Mr. Robert Terry Drakeford
Ms. Dana M. Dubis
Mr. David DuBuisson
Ms. Margaret Alison Duggan
Mr. Robert Edward Duggins and Ms. Heidi Weigel Duggins
Mr. Adam Taylor Duke
Mr. Alan W. Duncan and Ms. Pamela D. Duncan
Ms. Susan King Dunn
Mr. James David DuPuy
Mr. Christopher Sinnott Dwight and Ms. Emily Graves Cook Dwight
Mr. K. Scott Dwyer
Ms. Catherine Elizabeth Dyar
Mr. William Charles Eaker
Ms. Farleigh Hailes Earhart
Mr. Justin I. Eason
Ms. Annette Kaye Ebright
Ms. Ashley M. Edmonds
Hon. Robert Holt Edmunds Jr. and Ms. Linda Edmunds
Mr. Douglas Blaine Edmunds
Mr. James Joyner Edmundson
Ms. Deborah Lucy Edney
Mr. Michael Craig Ehrlich and Ms. Judy Seto Ehrlich
Prof. Maxine Natalie Eichner
Mr. John Charles Elderkin and Mrs. Jane Campbell
Mr. L. Holmes Eleazer Jr.
Mrs. Linda Imboden Ellington and Dr. Kenneth Scott Ellington Sr.
Hon. B. Craig Ellis and Ms. Patricia Phillips Ellis
Mr. Edward Lawrence Embree III and Ms. Stuart Robinson Embree
Mr. Ian Andrew Erickson and Ms. Anne Marie McMullan Erickson
Ms. Emily Elizabeth Reardon Erixson
Mr. Zachary W. Ernst
Mr. John Robert Erwin and Ms. Judith Clark Erwin
Mr. John Espenshade
Mr. Kenneth Franklin Essex and Dr. Faye Ellen Sultan
Mr. Leonard Joseph Essig
Mr. Landon Sean Eustache
Ms. Tenley Farrell Evans and Mr. A. Donald Evans
Mr. H. Lee Evans Jr. and Ms. Rebecca Lynn Evans
Ms. Michelle R. Evans
Mr. W. Harrell Everett Jr. and Mrs. Lila Smith Everett
Mr. Douglas W. Ey Jr. and Ms. Tere Y. Ey
Ms. Donna Jean Turner Eyster and Dr. James M. Eyster
Mr. Jeremy Michael Falcone and Ms. Ashley Louise Bizzell
Mr. Joel David Farren
Mr. William Porter Farthing Jr. and Ms. Linda McFarland Farthing
Ms. Sheila Hogan Fellerath
Mr. Praveen David Fernandes
Mr. Michael Ray Ferrell
Mr. Christopher C. Fialko and Ms. Ann L. Hester
Mr. J. Michael Fields
Ms. Julia Caudle Fields
Mr. Joseph C. Fields
Mr. Daniel Frederick Finch and Mrs. Jean Brinson Finch
Ms. Kathy Finch and Mr. Robert Finch
Mr. Brian J. Fineman
Mr. Mark Anderson Finkelstein and Ms. Lisa Bland Finkelstein
Mr. John C. Fischer and Ms. Karen Twardowski Fischer
Mr. Lewis Robert Fisher and Ms. Janice Udell Fisher
Mr. Walter D. Fisher and Mrs. Doris Fisher
Ms. Elizabeth Fisher
Ms. Sabrina Gardner Fitze and Mr. Chris Fitze
Ms. Julia Gonzales Fitzmaurice and Mr. Sean Joseph Fitzmaurice
Prof. Victor Byers Flatt and Mr. Jeffrey Stys
Mr. Leslie Allen Fleisher and Ms. Jill Fleisher
Mr. Louis Henry Fogleman Jr. and Ms. Anne Dickson Fogleman
Mr. Paul Joseph Foley and Ms. Elizabeth Pate Foley
Mr. Brian Collins Fork and Ms. Brooke Eidenmiller Fork
Ms. Dionne Loy Fortner and Mr. Glenn Ray Fortner
Mr. Geoffrey Allen Foster
Ms. Esphur E. Foster
Ms. Lucy Vanderberry Fountain and Mr. David Burton Fountain
Mr. Richard Tillman Fountain Jr.
Mr. Christopher T. Fowler
Hon. Carl Raynard Fox and Ms. Julia Smith
Mr. Richard L. Fox
Ms. Mary L. Foy
Ms. Jamie Fleming Frampton and Mr. Richard Bruce Frampton
Hon. Franklin Edward Freeman Jr. and Ms. Lynn Lloyd Freeman
Mr. William Eric Freeman and Ms. Suzanne Burris Freeman
Mr. Samuel R. Freeman and Ms. Annette Lareau-Freeman
Mr. James Donald Freeman
Ms. Nancy Lorrin Freeman
Mr. Kerry Anthony Friedman
Mr. Alfred A. Friedrich and Ms. Denise A. Friedrich
Ms. Elizabeth Ayn Froehling
Mr. Michael Robert Frongello and Ms. Eva Gullick Frongello
Hon. Henry E. Frye Jr.
Ms. Tristan Anne Fuierer
Mr. W. Scott Fuller and Ms. Monica Witterholt Fuller
Hon. James Roy Fullwood and Ms. Mary Gray Teague Fullwood
Mr. Archie Wayland Futrell III and Ms. Betty Hart Futrell
Ms. Varsha Dilipkumar Gadani
Mr. Gaston Hemphill Gage and Mrs. Jane Basinger Gage
Ms. Carrie Brenneman Galloway and Mr. Joseph Andrew Galloway
Ms. Kirstin Elizabeth Gardner
Mr. Scott J. Garfing
Mr. Joseph Samuel Gentry Jr. and Ms. Susan Hamlin Gentry
Mr. Glenn S. Gentry
Mr. H. Clarke Gentry
Ms. Jody Ellyn George
Ms. JiNan Glasgow George and Mr. Francis Brian George
Ms. JiNan Glasgow George and Mr. Francis Brian George
Prof. Michael J. Gerhardt and Prof. Deborah Gerhardt
Mr. Lawrence E. Gerst
Ms. April M. Giancola
Mrs. Gail Gibbs and Mr. Richard H. Gibbs
Mr. Richard Wayne Gibson Jr. and Ms. Denise Castles Gibson
Mr. Ronald Lavonne Gibson and Ms. Felicia Ann Washington
Mr. John E. Gibson and Mrs. Ruth Mary Gibson
Dr. Bryan Albin Giemza and Ms. Kristi Barrett Giemza
Mr. William H. Gifford Jr. and Ms. Jodi L. Turner
Dr. Susan Hull Gilbert and Mr. John H. Gilbert
Mr. John Edward Giles
Ms. Rebecca L. Gittelson
Ms. Taylor J. Glenn
Mr. Leo Glosemeyer
Mr. Ronald Glosemeyer and Mrs. Lauri Glosemeyer
Ms. Claire Sauls Glover
Mr. Matthew Goebel
Ms. Lindsey Taylor Goehring
Mr. Glenn James Goggins
Mr. Jonathan Peter Goldberg and Ms. Deborah Long Goldberg
Mr. James Whitmel Goldsmith
Mr. C. Frank Goldsmith Jr.
Mr. Daniel John Golonka and Dr. Megan Marie Golonka
Mr. Daniel John Golonka
Ms. Madeline Carter Gooding
Mr. Marc Richard Gordon and Ms. Gayle Gordon
Ms. Tara Michele Gore
Mr. Robert Ryan Gorman
Ms. Jennifer L. Gotshall Clark
Mr. Steven Gould and Ms. Eleanor Gould
Ms. Nancy Lewis Grace
Ms. Linda Gould Graham
Ms. Jacqueline Denise Grant
Mr. William Edward Grantmyre
Mr. David Warren Green
Mr. Daniel Ray Green Jr.
Ms. Jennifer Cleland Green
Mr. Jonathan Allen Greene and Dr. Laura M. Greene
Ms. Jessica Lauren Gregory
Mr. Maxwell Lee Gregson
Ms. Grace Anthony Gregson
Mr. Joseph Williamson Grier III and Ms. Margaret Ann Brookshire
Mr. Robert Wooten Griffin
Mr. Robert Gregory Griffin
Mr. Joseph Parkwood Griffith Jr.
Mr. W. Mark Griffith and Ms. Katherine Boyette Griffith
Mr. W. Kimball Griffith and Ms. Elizabeth Francis Griffith
Mr. Samuel Latham Grimes and Ms. Beth Yount Grimes
Mr. Donald Warren Grimes and Dr. Laura Milner Grimes
Mr. Samuel Grist Grimes and Ms. Barbara Allen Grimes
Mr. H. Houston Groome Jr.
Mr. W. Clay Grubb and Ms. Deidre Grogan Grubb
Mr. Robert Phillips Gruber and Mrs. Glenda Bowers Gruber
Mr. Kyle E. Grusholt
Mr. Durward Franklin Gunnells III and Ms. Gail Gunnells
Ms. Rachel Israella Gurvich
Mr. Theodore E. Haigler Jr. and Ms. Margaret Jelks Haigler
Hon. R. Phillip Haire and Ms. Constance Mullinnix Haire
Ms. Catherine Hale
Ms. Nancy Wentz Hale
Ms. Jennifer Mouchet Hall and Mr. Kevin Daniel Hall
Mr. Oliver Grant Halle
Ms. Linda Marie Hamel
Hon. Joyce Amelia Hamilton
Ms. Heather M. Hammond and Mr. Gian G. Gasperini
Mr. Irvin White Hankins III and Ms. Barbara Brewer Hankins
Mr. Nicholas G. Hanna and Ms. Kathleen L. Riley
Mr. Clinton Durant Hannah
Mr. Mark J. Hanson
Mr. Randall Alan Hanson and Dr. Cynthia Brann Hanson
Ms. Raina Shama Haque
Mr. Joel C. Harbinson
Mr. Holmes Plexico Harden and Ms. Sarah Bellamy Harden
Mr. Robert G. Hardy
Mr. Gregory John Hare
Ms. Susan Haney Hargrove and Mr. William Hargrove
Ms. Lauren Averill Harkey
Hon. Joseph J. Harper Jr. and Mrs. Anne W. Harper
Mr. J. Gates Harris and Ms. Patricia Fraser Harris
Mr. Phillip A. Harris Jr. and Ms. Gerri M. Harris
Mr. Dean Murray Harris and Ms. Deborah McLaughlin Harris
Mr. Mark R. Hastings
Ms. Hada de Varona Haulsee and Mr. Ronald Haulsee
Ms. Jennie Wilhelm Hauser
Mr. Michael David Hauser and Ms. Elizabeth Hungarland Hauser
Ms. Paula-Jean Havener
Ms. Lisa R. Hayes
Mr. J. Patrick Haywood and Ms. Cathy Haywood
Mr. E. Burke Haywood and Ms. Terri Starritt Haywood
Mr. Christopher J. Heaney
Mr. Michael Dean Hearn and Ms. Robin Simpson Hearn
Mr. Andrew Hebrank
Ms. Mary R. Hebrank
Mr. John Hebrank
Ms. Elizabeth Sims Hedrick and Dr. Randall Shane Hedrick
Ms. Penelope Lazarou Hefner and Mr. Scott Alan Hefner
Ms. Elizabeth High Helmer
Mr. H. Parks Helms and Ms. Eleanor A. Helms
Hon. William Harold Helms
Mr. Geoffrey Clyde Hemenway and Ms. Deborah Anne Gates Hemenway
Mr. Gary Stephen Hemric
Ms. Emilie Ann Hendee
Mr. Andrew Ryan Henderson
Hon. Karen LeCraft Henderson and Dr. Hoke Frederick Henderson Jr.
Ms. Kelsey E. Hendrickson
Mr. Edward R. Hennelly
Mr. John Farnham Henning Jr. and Mrs. Amber Cummings Henning
Mr. Perry Cleveland Henson Jr. and Ms. Linda Carter Henson
Mr. Robert Jason Herndon and Mrs. Molly C. Herndon
Mr. John Alexander Heroy
Mr. Bruce Martin Herschlag and Dr. Mary Teresa Korytkowski
Dr. Caryn M. Hertz and Dr. Lawrence Marks
Ms. Kathryn Joy Hesman
Mrs. Carissa Byrne Hessick
Mrs. Jean Spitznagel Hetherington and Dr. Seth Vollmer Hetherington
Ms. Melissa Johnson Hewitt and Mr. Damon Todd Hewitt
Mr. Marcus Clifton Hewitt
Mr. Jonathan P. Heyl and Ms. Carrie Lyon Heyl
Ms. Susan Elkins Hibbert and Mr. Carl Woodall Hibbert Sr.
Mr. Benjamin David Hicks
Mrs. Janet L. Hicks and Mr. Kenneth A. Hicks
Ms. Josephine H. Hicks
Mr. Fred Allen Hicks and Mrs. Linda Draffin Hicks
Mr. William Hayden Higgins
Ms. Brooklyn Hildebrandt
Mr. Nicholas Griffin Hill and Ms. Kenan Crawford Hill
Mr. Eric Robert Hinderliter
Mr. Robert Dean Hines
Mr. Jamison Hall Hinkle and Ms. Susan Fleetwood Hinkle
Mrs. Travis Styres Hinman and Mr. Robert Frazer Hinman Jr.
Mr. Samuel Armfield Hipps
Mr. Jeffrey Michael Hirsch
Mr. Charles Henry Hiser IV
Mr. Louis W. Hobbie and Mrs. Mary Lee Hobbie
Mr. Ryan Blake Hobbs
Hon. Robert Haywood Hobgood and Mrs. Martha C. Hobgood
Ms. Sheila P. Hochhauser
Mr. Steven Alan Hockfield and Ms. Sharon Rose Hockfield
Mr. Robert Sawyer Hodgman
Ms. Emma Jane Hodson
Mr. Ahren Christian Hoffman and Ms. Chienlan Hsu Hoffman
Mr. Michael Andrew Hoffman and Dr. Suma Bhat Hoffman
Mrs. Anne Nicholson Hogewood and Mr. Ashley Lee Hogewood III
Ms. Michaela C. Holcombe
Mr. David Holder
Mr. Russell Joseph Hollers
Mr. James Edward Holloway
Mr. Edward Shelton Holmes
Ms. Tanya Holmes
Mr. Clyde Holt III and Ms. Elizabeth Gluek Holt
Mr. Roscoe Cecil Hood Jr.
Mr. Roger Alan Hood and Ms. Katharine Keller Hood
Ms. Marie Hylan Hopper
Mr. Louis Phillip Hornthal Jr. and Mrs. Harriett Lang Hornthal
Ms. Patricia Farmer Hosmer and Mr. John Richard Hosmer Jr.
Mr. Andrew Ray House and Ms. Christine Johnson House
Mr. Robert Earl Howard and Ms. Janet Latham Howard
Mr. E. Cader Howard
Hon. Julia Craven Howard
Mr. Marcus Hudson
Ms. Cornelis Kneedler Hudson
Dr. Jason D. Huff and Dr. Nidhi G. Huff
Mr. David Ellis Huffine and Mrs. Susan Stern
Ms. Sue Cooper Huffman
Mr. Noah H. Huffstetler III
Mr. F. Jefferson Hughes
Ms. Christina Hulkower
Hon. Stephani Wilson Humrickhouse and Mr. Scott Robinson Humrickhouse
Ms. Lauren Grace Marie Hunstad
Ms. Kimberly Tacy Hunsucker and Mr. Matthew Abbott Hunsucker
Mr. Grady Lee Hunt and Ms. Karon Kaye Locklear Hunt
Ms. Kathryne Elizabeth Hunter
Mr. LeRoy Phillips Hutchinson and Dr. Julia Leigh Eichelberger
Mr. H. Gray Hutchison Jr. and Ms. Gail Henry Hutchison
Mr. John Nathan Hutson Jr. and Ms. Joan Stephens Hutson
Ms. Elizabeth Bangston Hutto and Mr. Glenn David Hutto Jr.
Mr. Albert Chen-Huei Hwang and Ms. Tracy Yang Hwang
Mr. Richard Aaron Ingram
Mr. Howard Samuel Irvin
Mr. David Alexander Irvin and Ms. Roberta Irvin
Ms. Mary Lynn Irvine and Mr. Nicholas Kehoe Byrne
Ms. Carie Katherine Irving
Mr. Henry H. Isaacson and Ms. Alice Feder Isaacson
Mr. Max E. Isaacson
Mr. James Marx Iseman Jr. and Ms. Dianne Iseman
Ms. Jennifer O'Cain Jackson and Dr. Phillip Theodore Jackson
Mr. George Stevens Jackson
Mr. A. Scott Jackson
Hon. Barbara Ann Jackson
Mr. Robert A. Jaffe
Mr. Paul Marshall James III
Ms. Dinita L. James and Mr. Roy Frederick Reed
Mr. Herbert F. Janick III and Ms. Kathleen A. Janick
Mr. Richard Januszkiewicz
Mr. Douglas Marshall Jarrell and Ms. Charlotte Commander Jarrell
Mr. F. Fincher Jarrell
Mr. Peter Jason
Ms. Rachel High Jennings
Mr. Robert W. Jentsch
Mr. James Allen Jernigan
Mr. Robert Henry Jessup IV
Mr. Robert M. Jessup Jr. and Ms. Valerie Lynn Bateman
Ms. Jennifer W. Jiang
Mr. Jack Edward Jirak and Ms. Whitney Wells Jirak
Mr. Frederick Elias John and Mrs. Maureen Lennon John
Mr. Thomas Hatcher Johnson Jr. and Ms. Sharon Floyd Johnson
Mr. Anthony Johnson
Mr. John Howard Johnson Jr.
Mr. Cyrus Murry Johnson Jr. and Ms. Liz I. Johnson
Mr. Robert G. Johnson
Mr. H. Morrison Johnston Jr. and Ms. Virginia A. Johnston
Mr. Robert Graeme Johnston
Mr. J. Reed Johnston Jr. and Mrs. Sharon O'Donnell Johnston
Mr. James Robert Jolley and Ms. Emily Bagley Jolley
Mr. Benner Jones III
Mr. Kenneth Lynn Jones and Ms. Elizabeth Cunningham Jones
Mr. W. Hugh Jones Jr.
Mr. Richard Sloan Jones Jr. and Ms. Melissa Osborne Jones
Ms. Erika Nicole Jones
Hon. Philemina McNeill Jones
Ms. Edwina Link Jones
Ms. Donna T. Jones
Mr. Michael Brandon Jones
Mr. Thomas Walls Jordan Jr.
Mr. Charles Roy Kabugo-Musoke
Mr. Matthew Robert Kain
Mr. Harrison Joseph Kaplan and Ms. Dona Lineberry Kaplan
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kapopoulos
Mr. Lewis James Karesh
Mr. Andrew Adams Kasper and Ms. Elizabeth Walker Kasper
Mr. Howard Mark Kastrinsky and Ms. Marjorie Moore Kastrinsky
Mr. Bruce Kay and Mrs. Diane Kay
Mr. Robert Wayne Kaylor
Ms. Caroline Elizabeth Keen
Hon. Elizabeth Keever
Mr. Kenneth Ralph Keller
Mr. Philip Lee Kellogg and Ms. Margaret Massie Kellogg
Mr. Patrick Eaton Kelly and Ms. Katherine Line Thompson Kelly
Ms. Stacy L. Kelly
Mrs. Amy Schutz Kelso and Mr. John Gordon Kelso
Mr. Vaiden Pearson Kendrick
Ms. Mary Scott Kennedy
Ms. Katherine Hart Kershaw
Ms. Ashley Lauren Kersnowski
Mr. Spencer Gray Key Jr.
Mr. Drew Kyle Kifner and Ms. Hadley Horne Kifner
Mr. Christopher Ray Kiger and Ms. Liza Kiger
Ms. April Dawn Kight
Ms. Nancy Griffin Kilby and Mr. Eric Christian Kilby
Mr. Mark Lloyd Killian
Ms. Tracy Wood Kimbrell
Ms. Amy Hulsey Kincaid
Mr. Hatcher Byrd Kincheloe Jr. and Ms. Linda Kincheloe
Mr. Christopher M. Kindel
Mr. Malvern Francis King Jr.
Mr. George Savage King Jr. and Ms. Geraldine Frampton King
Mr. Charles Yates King and Ms. Mildred McLendon King
Mr. Steven Austin King
Mr. James Claiborne King
Mr. Evan Bobby King
Mr. Alexander F. Kingsley
Mr. Vance Callahan Kinlaw
Mr. Allen Shawn Kinzer
Ms. Kelsey Leigh Kirchmann
Mr. Frank S. Kirschbaum and Ms. Suzanne Kirschbaum
Mr. Aaron Steven Kirschenfeld
Ms. Nancy Howard Kiser
Ms. Hailey W. Klabo
Ms. Amy Smith Klass and Mr. Todd Alexander Klass
Mr. Robert Onan Klepfer Jr.
Ms. Alison Templeton Kling
Ms. Perry Elizabeth Knight
Dr. Christopher John Knors
Dr. Christopher John Knors
Mrs. Amanda Knox and Mr. Herbert Brice Knox
Mr. Steven R. Koch
Ms. Ellen Hendrix Koch
Ms. Jennifer Johnson Koenig
Ms. Nadia Alexandra Konstantinova
Ms. Gayle Evans Koonce and Mr. Neil Wright Koonce
Ms. Mary Grady Burnette Koonce
Mr. Franklin Paul Koonts and Ms. Jeanmarie Rampolla Koonts
Mr. Brian Eugene Koontz
Ms. Ellenmai Q. Korkoya
Mr. Paul Aaron Korn
Ms. Stacy Renee Koron
Mr. Richard Alan Kort
Ms. Susan Lynne Korytkowski and Mr. Richard Knapp
Mr. Christopher Henry Kouri
Mr. William H. Kroll
Mr. Cameron M. Krost
Ms. Joyce E. Kung and Mr. Jaime Garamella
Ms. Cathy LaBruyere and Mr. Tim LaBruyere
Ms. Kimberly Laidlaw
Mr. Christopher Carlisle Lam and Ms. Anne Dunton Lam
Mr. Hoang Van Lam
Mr. David Marsh Lambert III and Dr. Katherine Donovan Lambert
Ms. Katherine M. Lamberth
Mr. Philip David Lambeth
Mr. Carter Tate Lambeth and Mrs. Jane H. Lambeth
Hon. Michael Kirk Lands and Ms. Karen Barber Lands
Ms. Catherine Bethea Lane
Mr. William Francis Lane and Ms. Helene Lane
Mr. Frank Caldwell Laney and Mrs. Anne Whaley Laney
Mr. Max Vernon Langenkamp
Ms. Elizabeth Cook Lanzen and Mr. Aaron Lanzen
Mr. Douglas John Lapidus
Mr. David E. LaPlant
Ms. Rachel Bierenbaum Larsen
Ms. Nancy Ilyse Lasher
Mr. William Harding Latham
Mr. William Ray Lathan Jr. and Ms. Mary Webb Lathan
Mr. S. Yasir Latifi
Prof. Holning S. Lau and Mr. Charles Lau
Mr. Patrick Donovan Lawler
Ms. Joan Stacy Layne
Mr. Richard Norwood League
Mr. Charles Edward Leasure III and Ms. Joanne Lyons Leasure
Ms. Laura Elizabeth Lee
Hon. David Andrew Leech
Mr. Jason M. Leff
Ms. Helga Lura Leftwich
Mr. Steven Blake Leger
Ms. Kendra E. Leghart
Mr. Bryan J. Leitenberger
Mr. Scott Evan Leo and Ms. Stephanie Wyatt Leo
Mr. T. Bentley Leonard
Ms. Judith Ellen Leonard
Mr. William Gordon Leonard
Ms. Ramona Eschmeyer Moyer Leonard
Mr. John William Leslie and Ms. Joanne H. Leslie
Mr. Michael Haim Levinson and Ms. Pamela Rambo Levinson
Ms. Hillary Li
Mr. Frank R. Liggett III and Ms. Mildred LeBlond Liggett
Mr. David Knight Liggett
Mr. Thomas Sergent Lilly
Ms. Sharon Grace Lin
Ms. Deanna Leigh Lindquist
Prof. Ronald C. Link and Ms. Susan C. Link
Mr. Grey Littlewood
Mr. Brian J. Litwak
Dr. Stephen Jim Liu and Ms. Devon Ann Myers
Mr. John Charles Livingston and Mrs. Monica Livingston
Mr. William Charles Livingston and Ms. Bronah Miller Livingston
Mr. Thomas Ashe Lockhart
Mr. Charles E. Loeser
Mr. William Lord London and Ms. Lisa Van Leeuwen London
Mr. Donald Alfred Long
Mr. Robert Bobo Long Jr.
Mr. David William Long and Ms. Nina Monroe Long
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Long and Dr. Arlon Keith Kemple
Hon. James Monroe Long and Ms. Catherine Carden Long
Mr. Frank Alexander Longest Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Winstead Longest
Ms. Tammy Longobardo
Hon. Patricia Stanford Love
Mr. Michael Scott Loy and Ms. Nilufer Dalal Loy
Mr. William Riley Loy
Ms. Taylor Higgins Ludlam
Mr. Norman T. Lyda and Mrs. Marcia C. Lyda
Ms. C. L. Lyda
Mr. Norman C. Lyda and Mrs. Gloria G. Lyda
Mr. Robert Doughton Lyerly Jr.
Mr. John Ivan Mabe Jr. and Ms. Walker Anderson Mabe
Mr. John A. MacKethan III and Dr. Lucinda H. MacKethan
Mr. Laurence Beckley Maddison Jr. and Ms. Clare Garden Maddison
Mr. Timothy Maddock and Mrs. Sherry L. Maddock
Mr. Edwin Thomas Maddox Jr.
Mr. Munashe Magarira
Mr. Jack Richard Magee
Ms. Catherine Lafferty Magennis
Mr. Wayne Kenneth Maiorano
Ms. Angelina Marie Maletto
Ms. Sandra Goddard Malkin
Mr. E. Lynwood Mallard Jr.
Ms. Sharon Freeman Mallette
Ms. Carol S. Mallette
Mr. Barrett Christian Mallos
Mr. Vernon Roderick Malone
Mr. Leonard Howard Mandel
Ms. Maria J. Mangano and Mr. Daniel F. Read
Ms. Joanna Penland Love Mangum and Mr. M. Thomas Mangum III
Ms. Kelly M. Mann
Mr. John William Mann and Ms. Amanda Stokes Mann
Mr. Timothy A. Mann
Ms. Kathryn M. Marchesini and Mr. Jonathan Slack
Mr. Laurence Michael Margolese-Malin and Ms. Rebecca Margolese-Malin
Mr. Peter Joseph Marino and Ms. Patty Marino
Mr. Benjamin Sanford Marks Jr.
Mr. Matthew Thomas Marriott
Mr. James Chalmers Marrow Jr.
Mr. Charles Foster Marshall III and Ms. Fraley Connell Marshall
Mr. Matthew Theodore Martens
Mr. Everette Lewis Martin Jr.
Mr. Matthew Grady Martin and Ms. Jamie Gilbert Martin
Hon. J. Matthew Martin and Ms. Catherine Saunders Martin
Mr. Alan Braddy Martin
Ms. Amanda Martin
Hon. D. Grier Martin III and Ms. Louise Porter Martin
Mr. W. Daniel Martin III
Mr. Clay Oliver Martin
Mr. Cameron H. Martin
Mrs. Janice S. Martin
Mr. Matthew John Marvin and Ms. Kari Krehnbrink Marvin
Mr. Robert Anthony Mascari and Ms. Sandra Marie Mascari
Mr. James Lee Mason Jr.
Mr. Jonathan W. Massell
Mr. William F. W. Massengale and Ms. Sarah M. Massengale
Mr. Clint Erwin Massengill
Ms. Christine Lupo Mast and Mr. J. Timothy Mast
Mr. Clarence Vance Mattocks and Ms. Martha Carter Mattocks
Mr. F. Kevin Mauney
Mr. Peter Nicholas Maydanis
Mr. William Robert Maynard
Ms. Pamela Wachter McAfee
Mr. DeWitt Frank McCarley and Dr. Leslie Martin McCarley
Mr. Robert Davis McClanahan and Ms. Susan Bain McClanahan
Ms. Kathleen Anne McConnell
Hon. Edward Harrington McCormick and Mrs. Ann Brittain McCormick
Mr. Dennis Frederick McCoy and Ms. Susan Hamilton McCoy
Mr. Andrew Holmes McDaniel and Ms. Mollie Prescott-McDaniel
Mr. Larry Stephen McDevitt and Ms. Dershie Bridgford McDevitt
Mr. Robert Steven McDowell
Ms. Ramona Baker McGee
Ms. Karin Rebescher McGinnis and Mr. Michael McGinnis
Mr. E. Graham McGoogan Jr. and Ms. Grace Johnson McGoogan
Mr. Alan Dale Mcinnes and Ms. Barbara Ann McInnes
Mr. John Victor McIntosh and Ms. Ann H. McIntosh
Mr. Joshua Carmichael McIntyre
Mr. Michael Allan McKay and Ms. Katherine Hunt McKay
Mr. Shawn Patrick McKenna
Mr. Cory Adams Mckenna
Ms. Tracy Clarkson McKinney
Prof. Ruth Ann McKinney and Mr. Ray E. West
Ms. Anna Pond McLamb and Mr. Jeffrey Tate McLamb
Mr. Daniel Francis McLawhorn
Ms. Mary Susan McLean
Mrs. Caroline Batchelor McLean and Dr. William C. McLean
Ms. Martha Rhodes McLendon
Mr. James Bryan McMillan Jr.
Mr. Robert Leroy McMillan Jr.
Ms. Tiffany Amber McMillan-McWaters
Mr. Robert Burns McNeill
Mr. Bobby Burns McNeill
Mr. Bill M. McPhail and Mrs. Eleanor A. McPhail
Mr. Mark McPhail
Mr. Edward Joseph McPhillips
Mr. Michael Gerard McQueeney and Ms. Lucy McQueeney
Ms. Diane Meelheim
Mr. Charles Dietrich Meier and Ms. Terri Lawrence Meier
Mr. H. David Mendelsohn and Ms. Cynthia Gayle Shearin
Mr. Cory Stuart Menees and Ms. Mary Katherine Webb Menees
Ms. Mary M. Meredith
Mr. Craig Thomas Merritt
Ms. Cynthia K. Messer-Carey
Ms. Dana L. Messinger
Mr. Seth Matthew Messner
Ms. Caroline Berndt Mew and Mr. Christian Mew
Ms. Helen Katherine Michael
Ms. Melissa Julia Michaud
Mr. Jeffrey David Miles
Mrs. Brooks Pope Miller and Mr. Christopher Lee Miller
Ms. Anna B. Miller
Ms. Renee Desilva Miller and Mr. Jonathan Lee Miller
Ms. Chrisoula Velonis Miller
Mr. Nicholas S. Millington
Hon. F. Fetzer Mills and Ms. Pennington Martin Mills
Mr. E. Eric Mills
Mr. James W. Mills
Ms. Carolyn Whitney Minshall
Mr. Kevin Scott Minton
Mr. Scott Alan Miskimon
Mr. John Foster Mitchell and Ms. Stephanie Mitchell
Mr. Eddie Crawford Mitchell
Mr. Richard Meriwether Mitchell and Ms. Cynthia Jane Martin
Hon. Burley Bayard Mitchell Jr. and Ms. Mary Lou Willett Mitchell
Ms. Memory Farmer Mitchell
Ms. Jocelyn R. Mitnaul
Ms. Sandra Woods Mitterling Schilder
Mr. Jonas Joseph Monast
Mr. John Lauchlin Monroe Jr. and Ms. Lauren Elder Monroe
Mr. Charles Edwin Monteith Jr.
Mr. W. Gregory Montgomery and Mrs. Karen S. Montgomery
Mr. Fred Henry Moody Jr.
Mr. Luther Thomas Moore and Ms. Sandra Milikin Moore
Ms. Martha Denning Moore
Ms. Rosemary Moore and Mr. Frank Moore
Mr. J. Edgar Moore and Mrs. Peggie T. Moore
Ms. Maria C. Moore
Ms. Dorothy Cheek Moore
Ms. Robynn Elizabeth Moraites
Mr. Graham Bryce Morgan
Mr. Elford Hamilton Morgan
Hon. Melzer Morgan Jr. and Rev. Molly Dotson Morgan
Mrs. Carole S. Morris and Mr. Philip W. Morris
Ms. Rebekah Elese Morrison
Mr. William Fuller Moss and Dr. Chailee Mann-Stadt Moss
Mr. John Michael Moye
Ms. Sally Hyde Mueller
Mr. Kevin D. Mulet
Mr. Vincent Anthony Mulieri
Prof. Eric Muller and Ms. Leslie Branden-Muller
Mr. R. Donavon Munford Jr.
Mr. Joseph M. Murphy
Mr. Paul Gilbert Murphy
Ms. Michele Harrington Murphy
Mr. Alexander J. Murphy
Mr. Scott Frederick Murray and Dr. Laura Whitlow Murray
Ms. Tracy Cordell Myatt and Mr. Thomas Allen Myatt Jr.
Mr. Theodore Thomas Myre Jr.
Mr. Thomas Dean Myrick
Ms. Ruth Henning Nagareda
Mr. Ed Neely and Ms. Gail A. Neely
Ms. Dana R. Neely
Mr. David J. Neill and Ms. Jamie Winslow Neill
Mr. Timothy Graham Nelson and Ms. Erica Gyorfy Nelson
Ms. Lauren DeMille Nelson and Mr. Christopher Mark Nelson
Mr. William Winslett Nelson and Ms. Linda F. Nelson
Mrs. Heidi Kae Nelson
Ms. Lauren E. Nelson and Mr. Thomas Michael Nelson
Mr. Ed Neunlist
Mr. Anthony Donovan Nicholson
Ms. Kristi A. Nickodem
Prof. Donna L. Nixon
Mr. Daniel Jared Nobles Jr.
Mr. John D. Noor and Ms. Caroline Krisel Noor
Mr. Richard Peter Nordan
Mr. Bart A. Norman
Mr. James William Norment and Ms. Laura Underhill Norment
Mr. James Norrell and Mrs. Frances M. Norrell
Ms. Lauren Trustman Noyes and Mr. Craig William Noyes
Mrs. Carolyn S. Nunn
Mr. Gerarde Nunn and Mrs. Katherine Roth Nunn
Ms. Jennifer L. Nusbaum and Mr. Eric M. Nusbaum
Mr. Robert Waring Oast Jr.
Mr. J. Christopher Oates
Ms. Carrie Ann O'Brien
Ms. Breegan M. O'Connor
Ms. Justine Samantha O'Connor-Petts
Mr. Ralph Marshall Odenwald
Mr. Thomas LaFontine Odom Sr. and Mrs. Carmen Hooker Odom
Mr. David Oettinger Jr. and Ms. Catherine D. Oettinger
Ms. Charlotte Louise Offerdahl and Mr. Grady W. Burgin
Mr. John Nelson Ogburn Jr.
Mr. David W. Oglesby
Hon. Hubert Ethridge Olive Jr. and Ms. Catherine Olive
Mr. S. Theodore Oliver Jr. and Ms. Regina Whittington Oliver
Mr. John Thurston O'Neal
Mr. James Francis O'Neill
Mr. Shayne Evers O'Reilly
Mr. Jonathan Bowen Orne
Mr. James William O'Rourke and Dr. Sarah Rock O'Rourke
Mr. William Scott Ortwein
Mr. Kevin Timothy O'Sullivan
Mr. Michael Shamus O'Sullivan and Ms. Monica R. O'Sullivan
Mr. Wendell Harrell Ott
Mr. Joshua James Otto and Ms. Whitney Collins Otto
Mr. Bruce Edward Owen
Mr. William Kent Packard
Mr. Winston LeGrande Page Jr. and Ms. Anne S. Worth Page
Ms. Jane Chun Paksoy
Mr. Tim T. Palmer
Mr. David Burke Palmer
Mr. Daniel Jeffrey Palmieri and Ms. Elizabeth Massey Palmieri
Mr. Paul George Papadopoulos and Ms. Emily B. Papadopoulos
Mr. Peter George Pappas
Ms. Allison Buckner Parker
Mr. M. Clark Parker
Mr. Gerald Corbett Parker Sr.
Mr. Frederick Pope Parker III
Mr. O. Tracy Parks III
Mr. William Thomas Parrott III and Ms. Katharine Huey Parrott
Ms. Nishma Patel
Mr. Bailey Patrick Jr. and Mrs. Rose Tarrant Patrick
Mr. Bailey Wilkinson Patrick Jr.
Hon. Richard Chapman Pattisall and Ms. Mary Jane Howard Pattisall
Mr. John James Pavey Jr.
Mr. Louis Watters Payne Jr. and Ms. Catherine Diane Payne
Mr. Ernest Clifton Pearson and Ms. Barbara R. Pearson
Mr. Christopher Perry Pearson and Ms. Janelle Marie Sherlock
Mrs. Emily M. Peña
Mr. Canon Isenhower Pence
Mr. Richard Louis Pepper
Ms. Linda S. Perlman
Mr. Sean Francis Perrin and Ms. Ellen Andrews Perrin
Mr. Stephen J. Perry and Ms. Annalise H. Farris Perry
Ms. Casey R. Perry
Mr. Daniel E. Perry and Ms. Margaret Taylor Perry
Mr. Donald Brian Personette and Ms. Deborah Ann DiGilio
Hon. John A. Peterson Jr. and Ms. Bonnie Richman Peterson
Mr. Alan Howard Peterson
Mr. R. Glen Peterson
Mr. Charles Alan Pettigrew
Mr. Michael Darnell Petty
Mr. J. Dickson Phillips III and Ms. Lisa Frost-Phillips
Ms. Andrea Clara Phillips
Ms. Carolyn Stacy Nash Phillips and Mr. Stephen O. Phillips
Mr. Paul Phillips
Ms. Phyllis Beatrice Pickett and Dr. Maxlyn LaVie Ellison
Ms. K. Corinne Pickford
Mr. Kristopher Allen Pickler and Mrs. Jennifer Pickler
Mr. Cameron Scott Pierce
Mr. Charles Grainger Pierce Jr.
Mr. Robert Scott Pierce and Ms. Jennifer Taylor Pierce
Ms. Kathy Laughlin Pilkington
Ms. Melissa Ann Pilkington
Ms. Kavita Rani Pillai
Mr. Joel Arthur Pineles and Ms. Victoria F. Pineles
Mr. Jerrold Bernard Pinsker and Ms. Susan Lynn Pinsker
Mr. Robin Eugene Pipkin
Ms. Vasiliki Alis Pistolis and Mr. David Lewis Kale
Ms. Helen K. Pistolis
Ms. Connie Pistolis
Mr. Robert Sanders Pleasant
Ms. Virginia Scales Pleasants
Mr. William Webb Plyler and Ms. Sally Bussey Plyler
Ms. Kristin Eldridge Plyler
Mr. M. Matthew Plyler and Ms. Sara Booth Plyler
Mr. Cranford Oliver Plyler III and Ms. Pamela Lanning Plyler
Mr. Stephen Douglas Poe and Ms. Jane Spangler Poe
Mr. Thomas Graham Pogue and Ms. Pamela Hall Pogue
Mr. Daniel Rutledge Pollitt and Mrs. Linda Beth Weisel
Mr. Joseph Thomas Polonsky and Ms. Kimberly Hansen Polonsky
Mr. Robert Arnold Ponton Jr. and Ms. Janet Everett Ponton
Mr. James William Pope and Ms. Lynn Ipock Pope
Mr. C. H. Pope Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Hazen Pope
Mr. Jared Wade Poplin
Ms. Alexandra James Portaro
Mr. Thomas Oliver Porter II and Dr. Sarah Gore Porter
Mr. Jacob W. Postle
Mr. Noel Dean Powell Jr.
Mr. Durwood Royce Powell
Mr. Charles Francis Powers III
Mr. James Fitzsimmon Powers
Ms. Nancy Prahofer and Mr. Robert Max Kessler
Mr. Kevin Adrian Prakke and Ms. Rebecca Anne Edwards
Mr. Stuart Logan Pratt and Ms. Emily Pridgen Pratt
Mr. Trevor Pettit Presler and Ms. Cammie Moore Presler
Ms. Stephanie Buff Preston
Ms. Wanda Kay Hannon Price
Mr. Christopher Daniel Priddy
Mr. Randall Brooks Pridgen
Mr. Amos Ulmer Priester IV and Ms. Lisa Ferrao Priester
Mr. Nathan Ryan Proctor
Mr. Edward Knox Proctor V and Ms. Stephanie Georgallis Proctor
Mr. Paul Jennings Puryear Jr.
Mr. James Perrin Quarles III and Ms. Margaret Spies Quarles
Mr. S. Wilson Quick and Ms. Meghan McCarthy-Quick
Mr. Russell Irving Quick
Ms. Mia B. Ragent
Hon. George Robinson Ragsdale and Ms. Adora Prevost Ragsdale
Mr. Walter Rand III and Mrs. Linda K. Rand
Mr. Charles David Randall
Mr. John Jay Range and Ms. Linda M. Range
Mr. Charles Raymond Raphun and Ms. Caroline Smith Raphun
Ms. Geetha Veerabhadrappa Ravindra
Mr. Ronald David Raxter
Mr. Charles Arthur Ray Jr.
Mr. Robert Glenn Ray and Mrs. Sylvia Gooding Ray
Ms. Yvonne Mettetal Rayburn
Ms. Toni J. Read
Hon. J. Milton Read Jr. and Dr. Marjorie Shearin Read
Mr. O. Walker Reagan III and Ms. Janet Mills Reagan
Hon. John Clark Reaves
Mr. Lacy Hill Reaves and Ms. Carol Hammond Reaves
Ms. Jane Hughes Redding and Mr. Scott John Redding
Mr. James Patrick Redmon and Mrs. Tianlu Jia Redmon
Mr. Gary Lee Redwine
Ms. Ann Reed and Mr. H. Glenn Dunn
Mr. Clay Walter Reese
Mrs. Sarah S. Reidy
Mr. Steven Ira Reinhard and Ms. Susan Parham Reinhard
Mr. Christopher Brian Reinhardt and Ms. Rebecca Johnston Reinhardt
Mr. Nathaniel W. Reisinger
Ms. Nancy Sherwin Rendleman and Dr. Richard James Rendleman Jr.
Ms. Page Munroe Renger
Ms. Gina L. Reyman
Ms. Tina Ducharme Reynolds
Mr. Matthew Duvall Rhoad and Ms. Christine L. Rhoad
Mr. Ryan George Rich and Ms. Lindsay Rich
Mr. Stephen Allan Rich
Ms. Anita Foye Richardson and Mr. Vertis Ray Richardson
Ms. Addie Katherine Silver Ries
Mr. Stuart Michael Rigot and Ms. Meredith Hurt Rigot
Mr. William Joseph Riley and Ms. Andrea Teute Riley
Mr. J. Fred Riley and Ms. Jan Colby Riley
Mr. Steven Daniel Ritchie and Ms. Courtney Piercy Ritchie
Mr. Henry Haywood Robbins and Ms. Lindsay Speros Robbins
Ms. Kimberly Raymer Robertson
Ms. Sandra Margaret Robertson
Mrs. Paula Robin and Mr. David Robin
Mr. Gordon Erin Robinson Jr.
Hon. Michael Lindsay Robinson and Ms. Wynn Tanner
Mr. William Couchell Robinson
Mr. Kenneth George Robinson Jr.
Mr. M. MacRae Robinson
Ms. Elizabeth L. Robinson
Mr. Vernon Haskins Rochelle and Ms. Judith Gail Rochelle
Ms. Avi Sue Rocklin
Mr. Kevin Peter Roddy
Mr. Andrew Leigh Rodenbough and Ms. Frances Fawcett Rodenbough
Mr. Todd Stewart Roessler and Ms. Catharine Stone Roessler
Mr. Ronald Richards Rogers
Mr. Paul Rogers and Ms. Deborah Rogers
Mr. Timothy Jude Rohr and Ms. Lisa Hicks Rohr
Ms. Andrea Schrag Rose
Ms. Meredith K. Rose
Mr. Ronald Harlan Rosenberg
Mr. Ezra D. Rosenberg
Mr. Adam Lewis Ross and Ms. Jennifer Ann Ross
Ms. Amy Michelle Rossi
Mr. Richard James Rossitch
Mr. David Mark Rouse
Mr. William Edward Rouse Jr. and Ms. Elizabeth Graham Rouse
Mr. Charles Flournoy Royster III and Ms. Donna Clapp Royster
Mr. Lee Kimball Royster
Dr. David R. Rubinow and Mrs. Carly Rubinow
Mr. Marc Samuel Rudow
Mr. Thomas Chalmers Ruff Jr. and Ms. Ellen Tart Ruff
Mr. John David Runkle and Dr. Nancy Dole
Ms. Ruth Ledford Ruppe
Mr. Stephen McDaniel Russell Jr.
Mr. Matthew E. Rust and Mrs. Amanda Hanks
Ms. Kelly Saliba Ryan
Mr. Lawrence Karl Rynning and Ms. Cynthia Lowe Rynning
Ms. Kathryn A. Sabbeth
Ms. Safa Sajadi
Ms. Madeline A. Salamone
Prof. Oscar J. Salinas and Dr. Doris Ybarra Salinas
Mr. Stanley Mack Sams and Mrs. Janice W. Sams
Mr. Alexander Paul Sands III and Ms. Virginia Coffield Sands
Mr. Fareesh Sadrudin Sarangi
Mr. Patrick Daly Sarsfield II
Mr. David Yorke Sartorio
Mr. Everett Benjamin Saslow Jr.
Mr. Rex Talcott Savery Jr. and Ms. Marilyn Sheffieid Savery
Mr. Joseph F. X. Savona
Ms. Julia Lauder Sayles
Mrs. Maria Curras Scanga and Mr. Raymond Frank Scanga
Mr. Scott Andrew Schaaf and Ms. Elizabeth Huie Schaaf
Mr. Frederic Hilton Schilling
Mr. Lawrence R. Schillinger and Ms. Shari L. Golub-Schillinger
Mr. E. S. Schlosser Jr. and Ms. Katherine Karr Schlosser
Mr. Arch Kerper Schoch IV and Ms. Elizabeth Ripley Schoch
Mr. Stephen Mark Schoeberle
Ms. Laura Noelle Schoedler
Ms. Lilian I. Schorr
Mr. Michael Frederick Schultze and Ms. Susan Williams Schultze
Ms. Charlotte Webb Schwartz
Ms. Jamie Sittig Schwedler and Mr. Thomas J. Schwedler
Ms. Margaret Marie Schweitzer
Mr. Joseph S. Schwertz Jr.
Mr. Gregory F. Schwitzgebel III and Mrs. Dianne R. Schwitzgebel
Ms. Jessica Lillian Scism Jones and Mr. Andrew Wesley Jones
Mr. J. Harold Seagle
Ms. Andrea Dee Seeney and Mr. Erik Barry Seeney
Mr. Thomas Hamilton Segars and Ms. Nina Raba Segars
Mr. William James Seigler III
Mr. Alexander Douglas Selig and Mrs. Amee B. Selig
Ms. Amelia Larrick Serrat
Mr. Robert Edwin Sevila
Ms. Victoria Serl Shabo and Mr. Michael S. Wolosin
Mr. Leonard Bradley Shaffer
Ms. Leanne Marie Shank
Mr. Frederick Kingsley Sharpless and Ms. Nancy Bonar Sharpless
Mr. K. Dean Shatley II and Ms. Jennifer Shatley
Mr. Thomas Stone Shaver
Ms. Jocelyn Fina Shaw
Mr. John Gilbert Shaw
Mr. Ryan B. Sheffield
Ms. Brenna A. Sheffield
Mr. Troy D. Shelton
Mr. Stuart Lee Shelton
Mr. William Radcliffe Shenton and Ms. Susan Sykes Shenton
Mr. Andrew Philip Sherrod and Ms. Christina Bowe Sherrod
Mr. Grady Lee Shields
Ms. Kristin Shields
Mr. Jonathan Burton Shoebotham
Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Shor
Ms. Amanda Kitchen Short and Mr. George Burton Short III
Mr. John Headley Shott and Ms. Katherine Baker Shott
Mr. Jeremy Stephen Shrader and Ms. Bridget Shrader
Mr. Reginald Tyrone Shuford
Mr. Michael James Shumaker
Mr. Sean A. Simmons and Ms. Nikki C. Simmons
Ms. Jennifer Claire Simmons
Mr. Bruce Merle Simpson
Ms. Linda Wright Simpson
Mr. Shahe Sinanian
Ms. Amie Carol Sivon
Ms. Mary Thompson Skinner and Mr. Charles Robertson Skinner III
Mr. Charles Marshall Slade Jr. and Ms. Pamela Sibley Slade
Mr. William Frank Slawter and Ms. Carolyn Maness Slawter
Mr. John Steward Slosson and Ms. Jennifer Leigh Griffiths
Mr. Cordon McLendon Smart
Mr. Lloyd Ashley Smith and Ms. Sherry Lynn Shaw
Ms. Cynthia Gail Smith
Mr. Allen Coleman Smith and Ms. Debbie Smith
Mr. Gregory Stuart Smith
Mr. Joseph E. Smith
Mr. Ryan Michael Smith and Ms. Nancy Sara Smith
Mr. Alden Hamilton Smith
Ms. Patricia Dearborn Smith
Mr. J. Troy Smith Jr.
Mr. Jared Shane Smith
Ms. Hillary Smith and Mr. William Keith Smith
Mr. Clyde Smith Jr. and Mrs. Laura Robertson Smith
Mr. Hilliard H. Smith
Mr. Ronald Eugene Sneed
Mr. Eric Alan Snider and Ms. Alison Elizabeth Snider
Hon. William Antoine Snoddy
Mr. William Blount Snyder Jr.
Mr. Brian A. Soja
Ms. Janice Grace Sokol and Mr. Darrin Sokol
Mr. Anatoliy V. Solodyankin
Ms. Sarah Jane Somers
Mr. John A. Sorenson
Mr. Richard Scott Soroko
Ms. Wendy Chrismon Sotolongo
Ms. Demitra M. Sourlis
Ms. Elizabeth Erwin Spainhour
Hon. W. Erwin Spainhour
Mr. Robert S. Sparks
Mr. Gerald G. Spaugh
Mr. Stanley Eric Speckhard and Ms. Mary Gardner Speckhard
Mr. Richard Altland Speers
Mr. Herman Spence III and Mrs. Marilyn L. Spence
Dr. David Bower Spence and Ms. Maria Winchell
Ms. Deborah Evans Sperati and Mr. Matthew Philip Sperati
Mr. Mack Sperling
Ms. Alexis Natasha Stackhouse and Mr. Ramon D. McMillan
Mr. Mark Andrew Stafford and Ms. Elizabeth Cass Stafford
Ms. Telfair Elizabeth Stakias
Mr. J. Gilbert Stallings
Mr. Darren William Stanhouse
Mr. Henry A. Stapp and Ms. Morgan Smith Stapp
Mr. O. E. Starnes Jr. and Ms. Lida Martin Starnes
Mr. Wesley Eugene Starnes
Mrs. Amy Staton and Mr. Keith Staton
Mr. Philip C. Staton
Mr. Alvin Stauber
Mr. Garrett Steadman
Ms. Cheryl Dean Steele
Dr. Reese Steen
Ms. Anna Harris Stein and Hon. Josh Harold Stein
Hon. Donald Wayne Stephens
Mr. Ronald Lane Stephens and Mrs. Victoria Stephens
Mr. Henry Louis Stephenson III and Ms. Linda Biddix Stephenson
Mr. Mark Andrew Sternlicht
Mr. John Shorter Stevens and Ms. Imogene Stevens
Mr. Wyatt Shorter Stevens and Ms. Kimberly Horstmann Stevens
Mr. G. Sefton Stevens and Hon. Catherine Cline Stevens
Hon. Laura Ellen Stevenson
Mr. Thomas Leon Stewart and Ms. Cathy M. Stewart
Mr. William Lloyd Stocks and Mrs. Beverly S. Stocks
Mr. David Anderson Stockton and Ms. Jayne Stockton
Ms. Sophia J. Stone and Mr. Walter Hopkins Stone
Ms. Elizabeth Connolly Stone and Mr. Michael Kent Stone
Ms. Sarah Motley Stone and Mr. Michael Andrew Stone
Ms. Elizabeth Nina Strickland
Mr. Jason Trent Strickland
Mr. Steven David Stromberg
Mr. William R. Stroud Sr.
Mr. George Stroud
Dr. J. B. Stroud
Mr. Odes Lawrence Stroupe Jr. and Ms. Lillian Pou Stroup
Mr. E. Taylor Stukes and Ms. Mary Katherine Hackney Stukes
Ms. Harriet Sue Sugar
Ms. Mary Pat Kenyon Sullivan
Hon. Kirby Sullivan
Mr. Brian Timothy Sullivan and Ms. Nora Foster Sullivan
Mr. John L. Sullivan Jr. and Mrs. Jan Dulin Sullivan
Ms. Frances D. Summers
Mr. Martin Summerville and Mrs. Melissa Summerville
Ms. Kimberly Quarles Swintosky and Mr. David Andrew Swintosky
Mr. Scott David Syfert and Ms. Gail Syfert
Ms. Julia Ann Talbutt
Mr. James Maynard Talley Jr. and Mrs. Claire Young Talley
Ms. Vinita Tandon
Mr. William Little Tankersley III and Ms. Melissa Tankersley
Ms. Allison Pell Tanner
Ms. Pamela Tatge and Mr. Jerry T. Zinser
Mr. Lindsey Handley Taylor and Ms. Lisa Deitsch Taylor
Mr. Thomas Wilbur Taylor and Ms. Susan Belk Taylor
Mr. Charles Morrison Taylor II
Mr. Stacy Kirk Taylor and Ms. Richele Keel Taylor
Mr. Todd Cameron Taylor and Ms. Jennifer Pilla Taylor
Mr. John R. Taylor
Mr. Ian Taylor and Ms. Madzy Besselaar
Hon. Susan Chandler Taylor
Mr. Mark A. Taylor
Mr. Cooper Ellis Taylor Jr. and Ms. Lib Carnegie Taylor
Mr. Raymond Mason Taylor
Mr. Thomas Eugene Terrell Jr. and Ms. Gaither Moore Terrell
Ms. Margaret Louise Terry
Ms. Monica S. Tew and Dr. Franklin Truett Tew
Ms. Jessica Beauvais Thaller-Moran
Mr. Douglas Bradley Thie
Ms. Margaret Kane Thies
Mr. Richard Elton Thigpen Jr.
Hon. Albert Shaker Thomas Jr.
Ms. Mary Delaney Thomas
Mr. Stephen Mason Thomas and Ms. Barbara Watry Thomas
Mr. Samuel Griffin Thompson and Ms. Bonnie Raines Thompson
Ms. Amelia A. Thompson
Mr. William Logan Thore
Hon. Lacy Herman Thornburg and Ms. Dorothy Todd Thornburg
Ms. Heather Elizabeth Thorpe and Mr. Andrew Ryan Thorpe
Mr. Matthew Felton Tilley and Ms. Kyle W. Tilley
Ms. Linda Diane Tindall and Mr. Jeffrey Joel Johnson
Mr. Walter Lyndo Tippett Jr.
Mr. W. Lyndo Tippett and Mrs. Lou Perry Tippett
Ms. Anna Hartzog Tison and Mr. Richard Oakley Tison
Ms. Emily A. Tobias
Ms. Chrystal A. Tomblyn
Mr. Frederic Earl Toms and Ms. Pamelia Senn Toms
Mr. Matthew L. Tomsic and Ms. Patricia Farley Tomsic
Ms. Lauren F. Tonon
Mrs. Diana Toole and Mr. Douglas S. Toole
Ms. Naomi Friedlander Torrisi
Mr. Daniel Kerwin Tracey and Ms. Stephanie Camp Tracey
Ms. Frances Youngblood Trask
Mr. Marcus William Trathen and Ms. Elizabeth Carlton Trathen
Ms. Colleen Gale Treml
Ms. Elizabeth Ausband Trible
Ms. Donna Helen Triptow
Ms. Alexandra M. Tronolone
Mr. William MacNider Trott and Ms. Jean Little Trott
Mr. Donald Hugh Tucker Jr.
Ms. Jean Walker Tucker
Mr. William David Turner III
Ms. Kathryn Ficklin Twiddy and Mr. Curtis Andrew Twiddy
Mr. Levert Tyler-Wade
Mr. Lawrence Joseph Tytla Jr.
Ms. Lisa M. Valdez
Mr. Robert Charles Van Arnam and Ms. Kristin Raina Siebenaler
Mr. Henry Price Van Hoy II and Ms. Eva Alexander Van Hoy
Mr. Bradley Todd Van Hoy and Ms. Margaret McKibben Van Hoy
Mr. Matthew Alexander Van Hoy
Ms. Kathryn Hagler Van Wie and Mr. Doug Van Wie
Mr. John Daniel Veazey
Ms. Sarah V. Vega
Ms. Melinda Lee Vervais
Mr. Matthew Alexander Viva
Mr. Richard von Biberstein Jr. and Ms. Carolyn von Biberstein
Mr. Peter Beauchamp Von Stein
Hon. Richard Lesley Voorhees
Mr. James Albert Wade Jr. and Ms. Susan J. Wade
Ms. Ingrid Shore Wakefield and Mr. Matthew Werner Wakefield
Mr. E. Garrett Walker and Ms. Jane Walker
Ms. Charlesena Elliott Walker
Ms. Ann Bennett Wall
Mr. Steven Wesley Wall and Ms. Aimee Nicole Wall
Ms. Amy S. Wallace
Ms. Carolyn Ann Waller
Ms. Madison Brooks Waller
Ms. Kristi Kessler Walters and Mr. Jerry Howard Walters Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Paul Ward and Ms. Starr Harrold Ward
Mr. John B. Ward
Mr. John Drew Warlick Jr.
Ms. Lana Starnes Warlick
Ms. Bridget V. Warren
Mr. Justice Donald Warren
Ms. Annie Carlson Warren and Mr. Robert Kent Warren
Mr. John Crain Warren and Ms. Laura Forgeron Warren
Mr. Richard Neill Watson
Ms. Brooke Raylynn Watson
Mr. Archie Watson Jr. and Mrs. Carole E. Watson
Mr. Charles Bruce Wayne and Ms. Ellen Kabcenell Wayne
Mr. Peter H. Webb
Mr. J. W. Thompson Webb
Mr. Camden Robert Webb and Ms. Joy Rhyne Webb
Ms. Monica Eileen Webb
Mr. Bryant Deleron Webster and Mrs. Janet Baldwin Webster
Mr. Keith Michael Weddington and Ms. Laurie Ogden Weddington
Ms. Sara Kroll Weed and Mr. Brett David Weed
Mr. Joshua M. Weeks and Ms. Mary Martin Weeks
Prof. Mark Weidemaier and Prof. Melissa B. Jacoby
Mr. Matthew Patrick Weiner and Ms. Christina Bowler Weiner
Mr. Jon Weingart and Ms. Carol Weingart
Ms. Mary Grace Weisgerber
Rep. Jennifer Weiss and Mr. Bruce Alan Hamilton
Ms. Shelley Goldstein Weiss
Prof. Deborah Weissman and Dr. Louis Pérez
Mr. Paul Brown Welch III
Mr. Jonathan Sterling Wellborn
Mr. Brady Wallace Wells and Ms. Jenny Bradsher Wells
Mr. Jason Michael Wenker and Ms. Amy Wenker
Ms. Jessica B. West
Mr. Stephen Aubrey West
Ms. Margaret Rose Westbrook and Mr. Philip Augustine Baddour III
Mr. Wayne Westbrook
Mr. Jonathan R. Wetherbee and Mrs. Elizabeth Wyktoria Wilson Wetherbee
Mr. Andre Courtney Wharton
Mr. Charles Monroe Whedbee and Ms. India L. Whedbee
Ms. Diane Sheppard White
Ms. Barbara White
Dr. Jesse L. White Jr.
Mr. William Robert Whitehurst Sr. and Ms. Jane Leonard Whitehurst
Ms. Myra Virginia Whitener and Mr. Benjamin Whitener
Mr. Neil Brian Whitford and Ms. Ann Harden Whitford
Mr. Lee Michael Whitman
Hon. Frank DeArmon Whitney and Ms. Catherine Ghoneim Whitney
Mr. O. Hampton Whittington Jr.
Mr. Robert Ambrose Wicker
Ms. Antoinette Ray Wike
Dr. John K. Wiles and Ms. Carolyn Joy Wiles
Mr. Charles Putnam Wilkins Sr.
Ms. Leigh Allred Wilkinson
Mr. John S. Willardson and Ms. Ann Pilcher Willardson
Hon. Rose Vaughn Williams and Mr. Jonathan Stuart Williams
Mr. James Walker Williams and Ms. Sheryl Howell Williams
Ms. Aparna Dasai Williams
Mr. Jonathan Frye Williams and Mrs. Katherine Stange Williams
Mr. Robert Pate Williams
Ms. Rebecca M. Williams
Mrs. Thomasina W. Williams and Mr. John D. Williams
Mr. Christopher S. Williams
Mr. Judson Nye Williamson and Ms. Susanna Cross Williamson
Mr. John Samuel Williford Jr. and Ms. Velda G. Williford
Mr. A. Rexford Willis III and Mrs. Kimberly Brinson Willis
Ms. Megan R. Wilson
Mr. T. Douglas Wilson Jr. and Ms. Betsey Page Bent
Mr. Richard Wright Wilson
Mr. Jeremy Miles Wilson and Ms. Sarah Marles Wilson
Ms. Erika K. Wilson
Mr. William Rudolph Winders Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Charles Windham
Mr. John Franklin Windham and Ms. Denise Marie Windham
Mr. Charles Herman Winfree and Ms. Karen L. Richter
Mr. William Fountain Winslow
Mr. Edward Cyrus Winslow III and Ms. Sally Patton Winslow
Mr. Michael Glenn Winters and Mrs. Anne Terrell Winters
Ms. Miranda Alyn Wodarski
Mr. William Francis Wolcott III
Ms. Kaitlin H. Wolf
Mr. Justin T. Wong
Mr. Judson B. Wood
Mr. Keith Allen Wood and Ms. Jody Burig Wood
Mr. Gregory J. Wood
Mr. David Wetherill Wood Jr. and Ms. Marianne Stewart Wood
Mrs. Anna Davis Wood
Hon. E. Marshall Woodall
Dr. Mark Joseph Woodring and Mrs. Kari Woodring
Mr. M. Drew Wooldridge
Ms. Betty Blaine Worthington
Mr. Albert Victor Wray and Ms. Lucile Wallace Wray
Mr. R. Thompson Wright and Ms. Sarah Hunter Wright
Mr. Brandon Wright and Ms. Kelly Crummie Wright
Mr. O. Richard Wright Jr.
Ms. Laura Lee Yaeger
Mr. William Dewey Yarborough and Ms. Emily C. Yarborough
Ms. Evelyn Scott Yarborough
Mr. Samuel Yeboah
Mr. Ballard J. Yelton IV
Mr. C. Allen York and Ms. Heather Poole York
Mr. Rex Young
Mr. Michael David Youth and Mrs. Christine Northcott Youth
Mr. Lionel J. Yu
Dr. Henry Stanley Zaytoun Jr. and Mrs. Mary Hyde Zaytoun
Dr. Henry Stanley Zaytoun Sr.
Mr. Jon Zbonack
Ms. Ruth Ann Ziegler
Mr. Peter A. Zorn
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